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Why Pavel Luspekayev was called by Maresyev by scenes?

on April 20, 1927 in the Ukrainian city of Luhansk the boy to whom God measured so much talent that it with interest was enough for several people was born.

Though when 19 years later this long as a pole, the inconsistent young man appeared before eyes of a selection committee of Theatrical school of M. S. Shchepkin, it had no almost chances to break through. The southern dialect, a little free manners, long hands - wind-driven generators which he also did not try to hide, swinging them as mill millstones, insufficiently well put speech! In a word, members of the commission had many occasions to send the guy back home.

But something magnetic was in that passion with what Pavel tried to retell the matter of the story of Dovzhenko. It lacked words, but the mimicry, gestures, were included to the full extent! And he won!

Both fellow students, and teachers very much loved inconsistent Luspekayev. For the fact that it never put itself(himself) above someone it is always skillful to find a way out of any difficult situation, did not lose optimism even where to it there was no place. And art of transformation possessed tremendous. And what you want? 15 more - the summer boy Pavel got to guerrilla group, was an intelligence agent, his life

But four years of study in Moscow not " depended on ability to play a role; removed the southern dialect at Pavel, and his dream to be hooked for Maly Theatre and remained dream. It was necessary to go there where this shortcoming it was not so noticeable - in Tbilisi drama . Also gave it the considerable number of years, was not " yet; it is enticed to Kiev, in Lesya Ukrainka`s theater. It the director L. Varpakhovsky tried for himself. And in this theater Kirill Lavrov who in 1959 came to native Kiev to stay for a while noticed the colleague. In what words the actor described the colleague Tovstonogova, to the artistic director of the Leningrad Big Drama Theatre - it is not so important. The main thing - Luspekayev appeared in Leningrad.

Here Pavel was remembered at once - on its Feeding of Virgin soil upturned people went several times. Ahead there was not less significant role - Skalozuba in Woe from Wit but the grief was selected on the other hand - on one foot at the actor the serious wound which did not cicatrize in any way was formed. This there was the first call to future tragedy. But, according to the neighbor in a landing Luspekayev - Oleg Basilashvili - Pavel also then did not become unstuck, and was accepted to writing of stories. In them there was no symmetry, but was on - literary a sharp look on those trifles by which usually people pass by

Unfortunately, an illness progressed, and in 1963 nothing remained to doctors how to remove fingers on stupnyakh both legs. But despite it is Pavel was not given, and very much hoped that he did not play a leading role in the life yet.

I destiny smiled to it - in the beginning he received a role of the games-master Kostalmed in the movie Republic of ShKID one of key as envisioned by the director. But the destiny from it turned away again - the illness became aggravated to such an extent that it was necessary to amputate one foot. And Kostalmed`s role was it is cut down to those episodes in which Luspekayev managed to act.

By then he already managed to leave the first wife Inna Kirillova. The former spouse of the director Vladimir Motyl became the new darling of the actor. She - that also persuaded the ex-the husband to give one of the most interesting works in his new movie White sun of the desert to Pavel Lupeskayev. Of course, not out of pity! But also Motyl understood: - it is difficult for it to pick up the best applicant for a role customs officer Vereshchagin. But, you see, to approve for a role of the actor at whom was not a foot by then - and for Motyl was not a smaller feat!

Shootings troubled Pavel. He very much was tired. And in the evening after the termination labor day, sat down on an aluminum small bench which was brought by the wife, lowered legs in the sea, called up to himself girls from harem and under huge saucers of stars read them something from the former roles. And these sit-round gathering helped little girls not to be such held down in an environment of brilliant actors during shootings.

And still all remembered shootings of the well-known scene in which Luspekayev eats with spoons black caviar. It then was in terrible deficiency and a film crew it was necessary to buy 2 kg of this delicacy at one of restaurants. To make impression that calves loads and the spoon in it sinks, in a plate special deepening was made. Luspekayev decided to try as all this will look, and so far operators adjusted the equipment, to greater horror of the director, ate several spoons of caviar still before the " team sounded; " Motor;. Therefore Pavel told the words that caviar bothered it in all seriousness!

It is a pity that its star role became practically the last. On March 17, 1970 he called Mikhail Kozakov from hotel in which he stayed on the fact that he misses one o`clock in the afternoon. And in an hour of the actor did not become. Doctors defined - a rupture of an aorta of heart. 43 - the anniversaries Pavel did not live up to the slightly more than a month.

And its song from the movie White sun of the desert which author is Bulat Okudzhava, is still loved not by one generation of Russians. It is not lucky me in death - Luspekayev sang then. Apparently, predicted Maresyev scenes it called

still during lifetime. It left us a good lesson - even if the destiny develops - to smile and live contrary to everything in hope never late!