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What can be learned, having given to the man number of the phone?

of the Man sometimes remind the opened book - take and read. The most interesting that about intentions, character, and even complexes of the man it is possible to recognize by his manner to get acquainted. If to be more precisely, on that as well as where he writes down your phone number.

So, you got acquainted with the man, it is unimportant where: in library, in a disco or on the street. If between you the spark flashed, then the moment when he asks your phone number will be logical continuation of your acquaintance. And probably in this situation its nature will reveal fully. Psychologists are surprising people who disclosed a number of regularities in behavior of men, and revealed the main types. But at once I will make a reservation that you should not go in cycles in it, in any rule there are exceptions, and often women project an acquaintance situation, than provoke men to certain behavior models.

The woman needs to be observant, and then with ease it is possible to find out for himself, than such contact - fleeting acquaintance or a fatal meeting will turn back. Here you at last decided, and HE already writes down your phone number, and now - a trick, his technicians of record and storage so important information.

Sociable the Man writes

on the first piece of paper (to a napkin, the newspaper and. etc.) . Means, before you the man of moods. Such qualities as tediousness, a pedantry and accuracy are alien to it. On the contrary - he careless, easily strikes up acquaintances which he most often not really values. Such manner of record of telephone numbers hardly allows it to have a big circle of acquaintances as it it is simple - naprosto loses these notes about what is not sorry at all. Possibly, he is very sociable person, and with it it is heavy to miss, but, on the other hand, with it the long and serious relations are hardly possible.


is a type of men who cause genuine interest in the weaker sex.

the Man takes out a notebook or the daily log where with skill writes down your phone number. It is possible to assume that your acquaintance has a measured life (or marked?) . Perhaps, this person lives according to a certain schedule where to all the place and time. It is punctual and reliable. Though for some ladies can seem a little boring and boring. As for the long relations, it is its fad, he likes to learn thoroughly the partner, and never does conclusions on the first impression.

A lighter

For such man can make an extravagant act. He asks the handle from you or from passersby, and writes down your number directly at himself on a hand. He easily is fond, all wants and at once. Usually builds the relations by the principle there is nothing impossible and if is, then not for me . Men of this type easily light up, but quickly die away. They are capable of bright flirtation, but are not capable of the long union. Perhaps, in the future can burn about sparks of the bright nature.


He is not lazy to write down figures several times: on the newspaper, the ticket or even on some documents. But, most likely, such diligence is its only advantage. The man of this kind is not capable to make a final decision even on the first appointment. Certainly, such poor fellow wants to sympathize. Though he always counts on something bigger. If there is a desire to continue the relation with such man, then at once take the initiative.

The person

the Main feature of men of this type - to make a number of bright impressions after which she recovers not at once on the woman. Having got a treasured phone number from the woman, he right there buys a notebook, the handle - to write down intimate number. He likes to be always in the public eye and to look in the best light for all. As it is fixated on own feelings, experiences of relatives not really - that disturb him. Most often such men at heart the collectors and if your acquaintance comes much further usual, be ready to the numerous notebooks bought for the only telephone number.


the Man introduces number of your phone in memory of the mobile phone. It is rational, modern and, in some measure, reliably. That is, if he wrote down your number, then will surely call you. It is possible to assume that your new acquaintance appreciates reasonable comfort. Most likely, its free time is painted on minutes. But be afraid of that your novel did not gain virtual character.


Such type of men will never write down a phone number. Says that he will remember these treasured figures by all means. Probably, the desire to seem peculiar completely blocks an opportunity to continue acquaintance. To such man process of acquaintance, but not result is important. He wishes to show off. Though if the girl very much is pleasant to it, he by all means will remember her number. In more close relations such men continue to be original, with them will not miss.

Despite everything, the first appointment is always an event. And as there will be further your relations, depends only on you. And reasonable observation and female intuition will help to understand nature of acquaintance and prospect of development of the relations. The first, but not the last to you appointments, I wish good luck!