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What good is in rest savage ?

Such words as holiday, rest, each person associates with the ideas of these pleasant things. Someone plans the rest in advance and purposefully, and someone throws everything and breaks spontaneously, unexpectedly. Sometimes even for. The season and duration of holiday varies depending on a set of the reasons and circumstances, but, first of all - from financial opportunities. But I dare to assume that the feeling of the present rest is unfamiliar equally as to the person who just came back from the fashionable foreign resort, and pro-rolling all the lawful labor holiday on a sofa with a notorious jar of beer and in front of the same TV.

To explain thought, I will allow to draw an analogy. Why people go to a sauna? They like to feel contrast between hot air of a sweating room and ice water of the pool. Consciously heating itself to such state at which the highest pleasure and rescue is to dive into ice water, we derive from it pleasure. That is, the feeling of pleasure is based on contrast, on a difference of feelings.

And as it is about rest, it is asked, - what positive emotions will be experienced by the person who replaced house comfort with service in seaside hotel? The same conveniences, the same carpets - oriental carpets, plasma, a stereo, - that else?! The same automobile noise behind a window, the same calls on the mobile phone. It turns out that for vacationer in effect nothing exchanged by and large. And having come back home upon termination of the term of the tour, the person considers himself holidaymaker (anyhow, - all have so a rest!) but actually it is only using the holiday - upon.

Other case. If it was necessary to save for trip abroad all year, and for you this round really was the fairy tale, then what will be return to the habitual hopeless (impecunious) gray ordinary?! It is very doubtful that in such post-holiday mood you will feel the holidaymaker.

Conducting habitual, business life, according to the scheme a squirrel - a wheel we acquire in the natural way multiple communications and the relations as the bottom of the sea ship acquires cockleshells for long swimming. Attachment to a certain day regimen. The subway, minibuses, traffic jams, information overload at work and houses, difficult relations with the chief, the intense relations with the harmful neigbour, an indefatigable press of everyday problems... We so get used to this accompanying freight that we do not feel its oppression any more. And to feel fully this weight, it is possible only having dumped it from itself, well at least for a while. For the period of holiday.

Here therefore the second condition of good rest (the first - unconditional change of the residence, - at all not in the hometown!) change of a vital role is. You have to forget at all whom you were in that life. From sales managers, accountants and even deputy directors for production questions, all for a while turn in savages . And let you are not frightened by the word savage it not the same that bum level of the unsociablenesses you can regulate. Here, first of all, degree of your unification with the nature means.

It is good if are near you reliable, checked the friends sharing your views on rest. And it is very good if you or they possess tourist experience, at least initial, within school campaigns. On the place for your rest decide in advance, having asked acquaintances. It has to be safe from the point of view of influence on your rest of possible natural surprises. It is desirable that both the sea, and a source of drinking water, and the next settlement were not too far. Eventually, you came to have a rest here, but not to spend precious time for overcoming of unnecessary difficulties.

Within this article the economic benefit of this way of rest as it is obvious intentionally is not considered. Here updating of the kind relations in a family is far more important and harmonization of your inner world

you will feel that rest already began, having hardly thrown off backpacks on the chosen platform. It is as if game in the real life, but at the primitive level. You will deal with housing issues in the form of arrangement of tent, food - in the form of preservation and distribution of products. Every other day you are surprised, having noticed that household cares do not irritate, and on the contrary, give pleasure. Very much be surprised to appetite with which your choosy children attack (as savages), on the artless food cooked by you on a fire.

And in couple of days your antecedents will be forgotten absolutely. You will go barefoot on a grass and on sea pebble, and your body exempted from excess clothes will breathe together with you this sea (mountain) air. Your skin will have a rest from a make-up. The infrequent campaign to the next settlement behind products will remain the only secular action where you can remember it. Instead of habitual series - a sunset. Before going to bed - slow conversations at a fire about anything and about anything. Whether long ago you talked so to the children? And when still there will be such opportunity?

Transparent dense air, chatter of birds, a rustle of green foliage, water murmur, red languages of a fire and the night sky, shaggy from billions of stars at arm`s length! And all this gives rise only to positive thoughts in your head. About life, per se. About the nature. About Eternal. About why not to come here every year?!

You will also not notice how you will be involved in this simple life. And when your two weeks alone with the nature will fly and there will come time to come back home, you will already be in time a little bit to run wild and to miss the house, and can even be (what nightmare!) on work. Therefore the house comfort which you still quite recently also did not notice will seem you the eighth wonder of the world! And from all these conveniences you will derive sincere pleasure. And to rejoice! To rejoice as the person, really well rested both soul and a body rejoices! I heartily also wish

of What to you!