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How to persuade the man to become the father?

to Many women who are ready and want to become mothers, it is necessary to hear from the man`s lips: I do not want children . Though men, really not persons interested to learn pleasure of paternity, it is not enough. The majority simply are not ready to it yet. On it they can have different reasons.

the Man considers by himself still too young. to the Man maybe 20 years, and 30, but he feels young, wishes to spend free time in bars, with friends, on fishing or in a disco, but not at a crib. He understands that with the advent of the baby a carefree sit-round gathering with friends will be a thing of the past, especially if friends still single and childless.

the Man has heard a lot about difficulties of life with children. If most of friends of the man are burdened children, and he with melancholy listens to their stories about hard lives, it can discourage at it becomes the father. Meeting friends, he learns about nightly vigils, a teething, decantations, gripes and others delights . He with relief thinks: Thank God, it happened not to me and as long as possible tries to distance this moment.

the Man is not ready financially. If the man does not feel quite confident in the material plan, prospect to work for three does not arrange it at all. If the responsible approach is peculiar to it, he quite reasonably realizes what at first needs to be earned, for example, on the apartment. Understanding that now instead of the new home theater it will be necessary to buy a carriage, and considering that monthly purchase of pampers will punch a notable gap in the budget, he besides tries to postpone this happy moment until the best times.

the Man is still too infantile . It when the man does not imagine at all what is children, and does not even wish to think of it.

the Man already has children , for example, from first marriage. And remembering the paternity, he does not want to repeat this experiment if it was not especially joyful.

The man it is possible to persuade to become the child`s father if you are really sure that you want the child from this man and that he will be a good father. its

can be prepared for it that news of future child did not become for it a stress softly.

unostentatiously exorcise In conversations about children - ask it what names are pleasant to it, remember familiar with children and discuss their methods of education, be interested that he thinks of education. Then he will not be nervous if speak about children, and the thought of these beings will not seem to him terrifying.

Exorcise about children who are similar to the fathers , mention happy families: What lovely boys grow at David Beckham! . You visit more often acquaintances where raise beloved and desired children, and parents are cheerful and are not tortured by problems. Then he will understand that children are not universal accident, but pleasure and love.

Remind to it of the age. Notice as - nibud that if not to conceive the child right now, you will be starorodyashchy pervorodka . Many men are strongly affected by this argument, all of them want to leave healthy posterity and that the healthy woman was near.

Talk directly. Yes, just tell: Darling, I want children . Men in most cases badly understand hints.

Prove that you love it. the Man not less woman can often be afraid that you will throw it. The paternity question for the stronger sex is very serious. Therefore that the man did not think and did not worry that you will leave him, prove to him in practice that you love it. Then at it the thought will flash: Yes, I want children from this woman .

If you feel that the man is ready to it, it is possible to report news about future child directly. Perhaps, your partner will be delighted and will change at once. Even if he at first will be frightened, then all the same will comprehend and will think again. But it is better to use it, only if you are firmly sure of the man. Otherwise there is a danger that consequences will be sad for all three.

Be happy with darlings!