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What holiday to celebrate on May 1?

the Mother - the nature wakened from a winter dream. Every day everything turns green around, freshens, is dismissed, about is live et And how in a different way, spring outside? Meanwhile, our ancestors long since connected this process of awakening and updating with activity of Slavic goddesses Zhivy .

It is live - an embodiment of fruitful force. Goddess of the birth, life, beauty of all terrestrial, springtime. Some scientists consider her as Perun, Bodan and Peklents`s mother. Others call the goddess the daughter of Lada and the spouse Dazhboga. Besides, it is known that the word life sounded as " earlier; stomach also meant:

- a body;

- existence;

- property.

From it names of the main food of Slavs - a zhit, the house - housing, rich life - high living, cattle - beasts, living creatures came; the curative, healing drugs etc. In other words, It is live - it is life, revival, all live

When the grass grows, leaves on trees are dismissed, gardens and meadows blossom, and people as though waken from hibernation, the power is taken in hand by beautiful and gentle Is live. Together with the assistants it bypasses terrestrial possession, and they come to life, turn green, become bright and blossoming.

According to ancient beliefs, the embodiment Are live often the cuckoo was perceived. Our ancestors believed that the goddess Zhizni turned into a bird and foretold continuation of all live. The cuckoo flies from far Iriya, heavenly paradise where souls of the dead where maidens of destiny stay are carried away, and specifies to us magic hours. All of us since the childhood remember stories that the cuckoo counts hours of our birth, life and death. Having heard sounds which she makes, we listen to them and we ask her a question: The Cuckoo - a cuckoo how many years I needed to live? . Possibly, the bird also does not hear our conversation with it, but we and want that she answered infinite ku - ku from it is somehow quieter . And still the cuckoo foretold the beginning of summer and the thunder-storms accompanying it. On its voice guessed about that how successful will be a marriage whether it will be possible to reap a good harvest. And nobody asked a question from where she knows all, but whether is mistaken ubiquitous why she knows about the future and can influence him also the ancient national ceremony of celebration of a cuckoo Is known to

. Girls christened it, kumitsya among themselves and twisted wreaths on a birch. Such actions were connected with awakening of forces of nature, with blossoming of spring Thus, celebrating a cuckoo, Slavs idolized and nice which accepted her shape I Live. They addressed it with prayers, requests for longevity, prosperity, a good health. People believed that if the goddess smilutsya, then she can change destiny of the person and spare him longer life.

In aspiration to render Givet`s respect, Slavs arranged special holidays in her honor. In the woods, on meadows and fields wide festivities were organized to thank fine I Live, the creator of all young and live. Women armed with brooms and made ceremonial dancing around a fire, drove round dances and sang songs, thereby, they cleared the place of evil spirits. Rejoicing to arrival of spring, on custom everyone jumped through a fire, believing that by means of fire it is possible to be cleared of delusions after tiresome winter. In the people about it spoke, who will jump high - at that and death far .

By tradition Zhivin day, on May 1, Slavs devoted to rest. In the first day of May it is accepted to make fire, to bathe and have a shower bath cold spring water, to drive round dances, to sing songs and to thank I Live for our life, the birth, birth of children, and also a reproduction of human and all live.

Here such facts are known about May Day day. Let time erased many customs and Zhivin`s traditions of day, let the modern person do not know and does not remember this holiday, but never late to learn the history

Now on May 1 we celebrate other holiday and we rejoice to lawful day off, but also it is connected with the world, rest, in the spring and by all means, life And what holiday without festivities and fun? It is a high time, friends to make plans for May holidays! Good to you moods, interesting events and bright memoirs!