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Who such Pierre de Coubertin?

About this person at least once in four years, but are mentioned. I am sure that you know it, just never went deep into the biography of a sports celebrity. If you want to tell the word is not present I will stop you because you surely heard a name of Pierre de Coubertin at physical education classes at school. So? If you want to answer that you forgot about school days and about this person, then I with pleasure will try to remind you his biography and merits.

I will begin with the fact that Pierre de Coubertin is the reduced name. Full - Pierre de Fredi, the baron de Coubertin (1863 - 1937). It was not only is very known, but also is talented, resourceful, educated and, of course, is sports is keen. Not for nothing he devoted all the life to Olympic Movement and sport.

The childhood of this remarkable person passed in travel. He visited Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, several times visited England. Except travel Pierre still very much liked to ride astride a horse, worked hard fencing and rowing.

Having left college, Pierre goes to the Parisian university Sorbonne. There studies just perfectly. It likes such objects as history, pedagogics and policy. First of all, it leans on pedagogics, but gives itself(himself) to history later, namely - literature of Ancient Hellas. Reading so took it that one fine day Pierre decides to combine sport which did Greeks perfect and hardy, with psychology.

I already said that Pierre de Coubertin traveled much, and so, when he was in Greece, he happened to visit Alphaeus`s valley, in 300 km from Athens where played the ancient Olympic Games. And here, after everything read and seen, he decides to revive the Olympic Games.

Pierre de Coubertin was able to convince people very well. He was a brilliant speaker, and his talent could interest many significant people, politicians and public figures, idea of revival of the Olympic Games.

In 1886 - m to year Pierre de Coubertin achieved the. The first Olympic Games were held, and Pierre was elected the secretary general of the International Olympic Committee.

This position did not stop Pierre, and he same year becomes the president of MOKA.

In 1887 - m to year it became the initiator of creation of the Union of the French societies of run. Also in 80 - x he published two books: Education in England and The English education in France .

After Pierre moves to Lausanne, and since 1915 - go years the staff - the apartment of MOKA which exists to this day is formed there.

Pierre de Coubertin constantly reflected on the Olympic Movement. He wanted that the Olympic Games became better and better each time. It is visible at least that he wrote a set of books, about 1150 articles, he developed the Olympic Charter, prepared the first list of members of the IOC.

In the first years of the existence of the IOC worked not really actively Pierre de Coubertin wrote the American historian William Henry: It is difficult to imagine how the IOC was slowly created. It practically did not start active actions up to the beginning of the 20th century. His members were the friends gathering around me with all the indifference and pleasant smiles .

Honestly, I admire this person, and every time when I hear his name, I feel inflow of sports energy which he presented all of us, having created such remarkable action as the Olympic Games.

In end it would be desirable to tell that Pierre de Coubertin near a staff - apartments in Lausanne is buried. But, according to the will, heart it is stored in Ancient Olympia, in the homeland of Games.