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How to control the purposes? Part I - paradigms.

the Internet is overflowed with councils and methods as to the person simply, clearly and without straining to achieve implementation of the purposes. Take a pure leaflet... Is not present

. Not so. These methods do not bring up in us good and kind. These councils are not learned new skills, souls are not accepted deep into, do not become part of the personality. These are secondary factors of efficiency which are shown how the person will learn to solve independently tasks which are set for him by life and to independently achieve the objectives. Write on it in any order the desires...

is approach outside inside it is crutches which doom us to using them all life, without having learned to go independently. Or to fly. Because someone is born and to fly. And meanwhile - delete the most unnecessary and impossible...

Paradigm .

Wants to tell about great, but there are not enough words. Is not enough because for me the paradigm is very capacious and fine concept. It is a basis of bases. This that great what each person, that mission which he considers obliged to execute in the life, and that noble purpose in which he trusts aspires to. I am deeply convinced that the person has to have such purpose - otherwise his life is empty and senseless. And all gestures, all vanity and throwings, testing new and withdrawal pains of old - only attempts to fill this emptiness. Anything more.

Sooner or later it becomes obvious when in life the unclear boredom and melancholy when any business not " creeps; clings as earlier when the routine sucks in and attaches to the measured rhythm. And then that big dream, the greatest task in which implementation the person sees meaning of life rescues. It is possible to call it divine inspiration, mission, a life stereotype, a reason archetype, depending on the one to whom what concept is closer. I will call it a paradigm.

For the first time the modern concept of a paradigm appeared in works of T. Kong who described it as vision of the world as the concept of understanding of objective reality. Kuhn entered also the concept shift of a paradigm - total change of ideas of a peace arrangement, development of the new concept of understanding. Opening HUNDRED, nuclear structures, fractal representations - all this events which force to change a paradigm because exceed the critical level of new data and do not keep within a framework of the accepted concept, the accepted understanding of the world.

Such understanding is very applicable also for the person. In life we are guided too by some model which helps us to see the world and to be guided in it, and we are guided by a main goal for the sake of which, in general, we also come to this world. Each of us itself chooses for himself model, everyone finds the purpose to liking. And too changes outdated model when term comes and the changed world ceases to correspond to it. So...

Card and territory .

the Best image for understanding that there is a paradigm of the person - the card. An image, of course, long ago a NLP - stam hackneyed, but the most true. The paradigm is global and reflects all our life, all its sense, all the most important that we consider necessary always to have in the soul and in the mind. To achieve something somewhere to get, it is necessary to have first of all at itself the correct card. If the card is incorrect - at us nothing will turn out.

Stephen Kovi writes about it so:

You can work on improvement of the behavior - to apply more diligence, persistence, to work twice quicker. But the only result of your efforts will become the fact that you will appear not in that place even quicker. you can work as

on the relation, installation, to begin to think more positively. Perhaps, it will also not afflict you, but all of you equally will not get to the right place.

the Essence that anyway you get lost. This problem has no relation neither to your behavior, nor to your installation. The problem entirely is that you have an incorrect " card;.


We live and we save up experience, and our card acquires details. From each situation each person draws the conclusions - and it turns out so that all of us have different cards coinciding in big and differing in trifles. And when at some moment the saturation of the card exceeds the critical

level That is, memory is jam-packed.

and it does not contain in itself any more all that we know about the world - comes it is time to change it.

And the majority of problems with achievement something exactly here affects. When the person faces conceptually new task, to him to have to change the card to find the right decision and not to lose new experience. And how exactly to change it?

1. Well, the simply and the least useful data and to write down new on their place accepted unconsciously - to erase option. So we forget some events long-term (and happens, and monthly) prescription, so we change the views of the world, opinions on different things. Sometimes, happens, we change for absolutely opposite. And it is normal. So all people are able to act.

2. The option which is found is a little more rare - it is completely sketched card in which more any data do not register. People of this kind are conservatives and stabilist are almost unreceptive to new experience.

At the subconscious level. Consciously they can understand something new. But here they will not be able to accept it any more. All life situations they solve

by means of once and for all the fixed ways. And it is good if really good data are applied on their card. More often it turns out so that there is more garbage.

3. Quite seldom people dare on starting the new card, bigger scale and to have several cards. Archive. Such persons, flexible and adaptive, easily understand different models of the world and other people, easily enter an image - because this image, most likely, once was already endured by them. But the institution of each new card and maintenance of all archive demands big efforts therefore - that these heroes also are rare.

4. And the people who decided to refuse cards in general and to be let in free floating absolutely seldom meet. Absolutely open and uncertain, not just flexible - capable to take any form, any point of view, timeservers go down a life watercourse, enjoying a look. Yes, special courage is necessary so to trust in destiny.


Ya I try to express one simple thought: for powerful action and a right choice it is necessary to have the strong base. No secondary methods and early councils will be able to help the person with achievement of the purposes by him if it has no understanding that in general it does in this world whom he wants to be what he wants to see the life. In other words, it is impossible to lay a right way according to the incorrect card what skillful cartographer you would not be. And if the reality changes so strongly that the card ceases to correspond to it, it is worth changing the card, but not to draw on it other routes and to wish other purposes. This beginning of the beginnings and basis of bases. It is a paradigm.

Here so. Do not waste the talents on trifles. Live with sense, trust in fine, you aspire to perfect. Let you dream of unattainable - it does not mean yet that it is necessary to lower hands. Absolutely on the contrary.

And in general as someone on this website already wrote, set before yourself the great purposes. Let stand. But it is beautiful .

In the following part I will go deep into understanding of those motives which conduct the majority of us on a course of life. I will write about the axioms of the world and the principles leading us. For now all. Good luck!