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What men under trousers carry?

of the Woman are very inventive in the choice of linen. They seek to carry beautiful sets even then when in private life a full calm and to hope there is nothing. Ladies suffer the inconvenient threads crashing into buttocks, leave a great lot of money in shops of underwear. And very much offends them and irritates that men pay to the vestments much less attention. At the choice of linen of the man seldom show an ingenuity. Many just buy by packs identical pants of boring gray color.

A in vain. By the way, women pay attention to man`s linen. Perhaps, it is worth pleasing and surprising the beloved, having bought nice pants? (Nice - does not mean with a trite elephant).

So, usually mean pants, socks, an undershirt by man`s linen. Sometimes add underpants, men`s panty hoses and a t-shirt to the implied list. But first of all, of course, pants mean. Let`s stop on them. Usually men call three kinds of this article of clothing: classical swimming trunks, boxer shorts and thongs. However, strangely enough, versions slightly more. Let`s consider them.

Perhaps, the most popular option - a classic underwear . First of all from - for conveniences. Does not press anywhere, does not rub and nothing dangles. At the same time it is rather esthetic, and depending on a coloring can look even sexually. The classics is often confused to shorts. They differ with the fact that at classics the waistline is higher and the lateral seam is shorter. Though to the unsophisticated person distinction to follow rather difficult. Usually the classics and shorts are united under the name slip .

Shorts , they are assets . The same, but with the underestimated waistline. Besides, they usually and externally look more it is sports than classics. Here interesting options meet more often. Such cowards love many young people (and their girls) as they are very convenient, at the same time more original classics, as a rule, look.

Pants - shorts . Often confuse to boxers. But, generally speaking, the short fitting shorts are not boxers. Pants - shorts many women find very sexual though they open to a look slightly less body, than classical and shorts. And in general shorts look quite beautifully and interestingly. Distinguish usual shorts and pass - shorts. The last option strongly approaches shorts, but the sidewall nevertheless is much wider.

Boxers . Both producers, and consumers quite often understand men`s shorts as this word. But where you saw the boxer in the short fitting shorts - shorts? No, boxers are a little longer pants. Though the border is washed really quite away here.

One of kinds of boxers - the laykrovy velosipedka fitting . It are pleasant to many ladies how they fit man`s buttocks.

That option which we got used to call " also concerns to boxers; boxer shorts . Phrase boxer shorts usually are associated with something anti-sexual. Though nothing similar can be told about magnificent free pants of the Hawaiian coloring. On boxers lovely and amusing drawings which very much are pleasant to many ladies are quite often represented. By the way, many women consider that to semeynik the kind and careful men having sense of humour give preference.

" shorts; Tanga many men consider as the article of clothing inherent only in homosexuals. What often upset women with. Strangely enough, one of the most well-loved by ladies of parts of a male body - buttocks. And shorts - Tanga allow to slightly open this part of a body seductively. So reflect. Eventually, to whom you will show the linen - to the beloved or surrounding men. However, for a start try to find out whether your lady has similar prejudices.

" shorts; string nearly strings behind represent. They best of all are suitable for demonstration of beautiful brawny buttocks. Not without reason this type of linen - indispensable attribute of strippers.

Perhaps, it is important not so much class linen, how many material of which it is made also a coloring. At the choice of material it is necessary to consider such factor as health. How producers said that modern synthetic fabrics in any parameters do not concede natural, doctors nevertheless recommend to give preference to cotton. This material perfectly passes air, does not promote reproduction of bacteria. However, men usually follow these recommendations.

Men, as a rule, not too - that love white linen, including it excessively easily soiled, and therefore short-lived. But the whiteness perfectly emphasizes suntan even if it is absolutely easy. Besides, the white and red linen is increased optically volumes . So you should not be so categorical.