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How competently to prepare self-presentation ?

That presentation of the excellence was crowned with success, and kept this tendency constantly, it is necessary to make the whole design plan. For a start it is necessary to remember that we is our appearance, style, behavior, a conversation manner, it is possible to list indefinitely, easier to say - verbal and our nonverbal manifestation in society.

I. Self-fine tuning .

Before presenting itself, it is necessary to study potential audience that is her preferences, a mentality, a manner of behavior and communication, style of appearance are the main a criterion for research. There are also other criteria - for deeper introduction to the sphere of communicative space of a certain group of people, but this task is rather for CIA.

After careful research it is necessary to begin work on itself, that is self-fine tuning under concrete potential audience for self-presentations . Let`s say you learned that your future partners are fond of fishing It is not difficult to guess that I want to offer. In this case the main thing not to be lazy, and to show scrupulousness and to bring up in itself what to be told, an involvement.

Or, one more example, at you is examination in the subject Concept of natural sciences subject not really close to you, to put it mildly. And you suddenly (but we - that know that all not suddenly and) you recognize by in advance planned project that the examiner is more loyal to the working students. Of course, in advance prepares, to be exact, it is thought out, the speech about the professional activity in which, maybe, knowledge on " is useful too; KCE .

By means of such tactics you are positioned in the opinion of those people to whom, actually, and yours is directed self-presentation as reviewer, worthy their attention and respect interlocutor, listener, communicator. Such " equipment; self-fine tunings has character psychological stroking . This most effective influence on people. You as if become part of that group on which you want to make impression, so to speak. And they successfully accept you as by a categorization the - the stranger unconsciously, or it is conscious, it has no special value any more, carry you to the . Success such self-presentations it is guaranteed.

II. Self-presentation of dominance .

There is other way artificial self-presentation which similarly should be begun with the analysis potential audience . It carries the name self-presentation of dominance . The equipment is that you present yourself as a standard, the dominating personality in that group on which you exert corresponding impact. Here you act as the informal leader. It is quite good strategy, only suitable for " groups too; conducted people. In audience with leaders such way can fail with the thunder. In order that it did not happen, it is necessary to analyse this audience properly. By the way, as group or audience it can be understood as well one person.

III. Algorithm.

the set of the " methods Exists; self-presentations and it is necessary to choose them, without departing from accurate algorithm:

1. Analysis potential audience to which process " is directed; self-presentations .

2. Forming, based on the first stage, strategy of verbal and nonverbal manifestation of own personality according to the place self-presentations and temporary interval of its realization.

3. Control and correction of the actions according to a situation.

4. Realization natural self-presentation out of a context artificial .

You remember always that you also are your person, " brand; image corporate style and all concepts with it connected. And in your hands to veil, correct, change you if, of course, you see sense in artificial self-presentation .

See you!