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How to be protected from bad signs?

Number of the people confident in force of bad signs, not so are not enough. Of course, it is possible and to laugh at serious reasonings on harm of number 13 or unpleasant properties of the scattered salt. We do not trust any prejudices! We do not trust. But for some reason we feel already not so surely if we were stolen a march by a black cat. I offer several ways to return good mood if to you spoiled it bad sign . At least, our ancestors arrived also.

Monday - an unlucky day. Of course, at all it is impossible to withdraw Mondays from a calendar, but to refuse adoption of important decisions and it is simple not to make this day of serious acts. The same who by the nature of the activity should take the risk can follow the simple rule: to women - to get only out of bed on the wrong side, to men - with right.

Number 13. In France, for example, if at a party in the company there were 13 people, then the fourteenth for a moderate payment will be brought by special agency. There are also different ways to avoid a meeting with this number. If the person lives in 13 - y to the apartment, then he can change number on an entrance door on 12+1. If often it is necessary to deal with this number, it is recommended to read on Saturdays thirteen times Pater Noster .

Bad dreams. the behavior of the person after awakening is important Here. If you were frightened of a bad dream, having woken up, get up under cold flowing water and say: Both water will flow away, and the dream will leave . There is also other way: To find the lonely place and to tell a bad dream to itself. Then it will not come true. But more nobody should be told it.

is not congratulated In advance. According to this sign, it is impossible to celebrate birthday in advance - it is possible not to live up to it. However, when there is no other exit just, it is necessary to replace an occasion! Instead of birthday to celebrate the invented holiday - Day of good mood, either Day of the accession to the throne, or some another. For celebration of such day the destiny will not punish.

to Come back - a bad sign. In the people speak: If from the half-road to return - the way will not be . In Russia was considered that, having returned, it is necessary to look at himself in a mirror and to put out the tongue. In Poland there is other sign: If you returned from the half-road, it is necessary to sit down or to concern at least the soft place of some seat - as though you already returned, but it is necessary to descend still somewhere.

Salt is scattered by . needs to burst out laughing and knock itself on a forehead. It will help to avoid quarrel.

the Bird flew to the house. If to the room the bird flew, in this house it is better not to spend the night. Spend the night at the family or acquaintances. It is so possible to soften action of one of the most ominous signs. It is considered that in birds there live souls of the dead, and the bird who flew to the house - a bad message. It is accurate to let out a birdie, without having injured her wings.

the Woman with an empty bucket. Since ancient times was considered that if in the morning, having left the house, you met the woman - that it to failure and if the man - to good luck. It went from Hindus who were sure that the woman absorbs energy, and the man always gives it. The sign from India reached us in a little changed look: if you meet the woman with empty buckets - it promises troubles. By the way, this sign has a continuation: the man with a bucket - to good luck!

Having seen the woman with empty buckets, it is necessary to bypass it on an arch. Still it is possible to cross and spit out three times through the left shoulder. From women with empty buckets also two crossed fingers help with a pocket (but not a fico).

It is possible to use also an example of the grandmother of Pushkin Maria Alekseevna Hannibal. She immediately came back home if she met the peasant who went behind water.

Black cat. If she crossed to you the road, do not hurry to be upset. In a full look this sign looks so: if the black cat steals a march on the man from right to left - it is to good, and from left to right - to troubles. At women - on the contrary.

Someone else`s money. Knows that to appropriate someone else`s money - dangerously. But how to resist temptation and not to lift the treasured note which lies on the sidewalk? Take money and put in exchange a small coin with words: I take Money, I leave a mortgage . And the bad sign will not come true.

Of course, this black the list can be continued, but whether it is better to hold the fears on a chain and with ease to wish good luck even to bad signs?