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What is self-presentation and why it is necessary?

we face a self-presentation phenomenon every day. Often, even without suspecting that we in subconsciousness have a project of own presentation, we, communicating with different people, participating in various campaigns, choosing itself clothes style and behavior, implement this project in life. Such strategy carries the name natural self-presentation . Exists as you already guessed, and tactics of positioning of the person which consciously is in advance planned which is called artificial presentation .

I. Concept self-presentations .

But before subdividing the concept self-presentations on types, it is necessary to be defined with this concept. And so, self-presentation it is not difficult to guess, comes from the American word presentation and Russian though the phenomenon was revealed by Americans (in the USA this concept sounds so: own presentation ) . And to understand " value; newly made concept, it is not necessary to think too much as it follows from the definition of the presentation.

Self-presentation - verbal and nonverbal demonstration of own personality in system of external communications . Simply speaking, this how you look and what you represent in the opinion of all your environment, whether it be the professional sphere of communications, or communication with relatives, or just walk on city streets.

II. Types self-presentations .

As it was noted by b above, there are two main " forms; self-presentations : natural and artificial . Natural self-presentation it is peculiar to all people without exception, and it is got by the person since the birth. Already since childhood the person has defined, so to speak, coloring in the opinion of people around: what quiet child! what temperamental girl at the kid, it is visible, seven spans in a forehead . Without suspecting that yet, the person since early years begins to collect puzzle the image. All this occurs naturally, without considerings and prognozirovaniye how to be told, without masks and the overtures . I think that here you should not speak about heredity and genes, this more likely natural distribution, natural process of definition of the person in structure of public consciousness.

Main thing anti-advantage natural self-presentation - it is the fact that the person cannot control and correct process within this presentation. That is, the individual does not choose whether he will be positive him natural self-presentation or it will carry a negative color. It is possible to describe this process as thoughtless, uncontrollable the personality the presentation of. And to do nothing with it, the truth until the person does not become capable of realization artificial self-presentation .

Main goal artificial self-presentation - a loyalty gain to the person from referentno significant for presented groups of people. (Twirled - started turning, but it is beautiful!) In a different way - to win an arrangement of people, important for us, and does not matter, they are important in this concrete situation, or always have the importance for us, we build algorithm of communicative process with, so to speak, potential audience . (Under potential audience let`s understand further those people to whom we direct self-presentation ) .

It is representable such situation - ours natural self-presentation very not advantageously looks in the opinion of persons, significant for us. To argue with the nature it is useless, or it is very difficult, and here artificially to veil it - really. For this purpose, and not only, exists artificial self-presentation . Let`s say your temperament forces to dance around you even inanimate objects, and it as is impossible badly affects the business and family relations and positions you as loony unbalanced and so on. It is necessary to add that bad, negative self-presentation has property to double, and even to triple the effect, respectively negative.

Therefore not to fall in eyes of employees or partners in business, himself needs to create image of the quiet rationalist, tactics and partly pragmatics. It in most cases, in other situations or professional activity can be and emotional approach, the main thing that yours " is necessary; presentation material it was pertinent and did not cause critically negative perception. In a family, for example, to deserve an appreciation (now we will lower family bonds, love per se), often it is necessary to be the understanding family member, to differ in devotion for the sake of the family that our relatives considered us worthy and esteemed in a circle of own family. Of course, in words everything is simple, and it is in practice far more difficult, the natural basis of our personality and is torn outside, and in particular what, most likely, spoils our shape in the opinion of people.

III. Criteria of efficiency.

In order that natural self-presentation not put out the head at an inopportune moment, disturbing, thereby, artificial it needs to be realized in some certain area of our life. If that area is absent, then it is necessary to think up it so that ours intrinsic the presentation played into the hands of us.

For example, you are very closed person, the introvert, and work in the sphere where it is necessary to communicate, be a lot of sociable, enterprising, can even cheerful. In a family - it is necessary to pay much attention to relatives, to care, share emotions not to break the positive communicative environment. And so there is a wish to stay alone with the thoughts, to become isolated, go deep into itself. And it needs to be filled in order that ours artificial self-presentation in other words, the mask which constantly should be put on for the success did not fly from a face and did not destroy the image which is long built by us.

And so, for introverts it is necessary to find at least hour a day for a privacy, it is possible to practice still, for example, yoga which fundamentals are made by self-knowledge, finding of harmony in itself and so on. For extroverts it is better to be engaged in any activity corresponding to their temperament, an extreme, for example. These councils are old as the world and therefore there is no wish to focus a lot of attention on it. Art " is of bigger interest; self-presentations as you understand, artificial ...

About it is in the second part of article.