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How not to stumble in a pursuit of beauty? Part 2

In the previous article we understood such concept as pursuit of beauty why this concept appeared and for what, actually, and it is necessary, to be exact, this is not necessary pursuit . Here I want to tell you about various ways makings of beautiful . I hope that my councils and recommendations will be able to change someone`s life, I personally thanks to the actions given below also found harmony of beauty

beauty Psychology.

the Paramount task for each girl. And it is pure psychology, and not simply, and auto-suggestion psychology. You have to convince yourself that you the most charming and attractive (by the way, to watch the movie The Most charming and attractive with great Muravyyova it would be useful) and to so convince that nobody could overpersuade you in it. Only be not overzealous, to us it is not necessary egocentric, selfish, I apologize, bitch . We need the harmonious personality. The main thing - not to lose all the advantageous lines, for example, such as kindness, openness, honesty, trustfulness. I will tell you frankly and without excess modesty, such lines helped me with life the fact that I have presents, in true sense of this word, friends, there is a lot of admirers and general respect. Naturally, not to do without self-reliance. Remember that just beautiful picture in short terms loses the relevance and attractiveness.

And so, it is brought up in itself love to itself and confidence in the beauty and excellence . Exists a little, apparently, the simple, but demanding certain efforts of rules.

1. The first - fall in love with yourself! Take a detached view of yourself, find the most advantageous lines, the most laconic, habitual for you, gestures, a mimicry, poses. Remember them and try to use as often as possible. Automatically you will get rid of habits which spoil you and to develop all best.

2. Second very effective and interesting rule: write down on a dictophone, having filled all film what you beautiful remarkable and all - all those qualities which you would like to possess. And then, every time before going to bed when you here - fall asleep here, include a dictophone and put it under a pillow or under a bed in the head. It is considered that the brain possesses the highest susceptibility at the moment shutdowns that is during falling asleep. I pledge the word that in a week the coefficient of your self-confidence will increase a minimum for 30%.

3. Is still which - that, so to speak, tactics of communication with the people admiring you . Any girl has among acquaintances, friends, relatives people who admire her, consider as the most beautiful and constantly shower with compliments. You guess what I want to offer you?! Yes, quite so: try to be in an environment admiring but here too it is not necessary to be overzealous as, finally, or will already revel in it inconveniently so often in your beauty and excellence, or will just bother.

4. And last, belonging to psychological aspect, the rule: stimulate yourself, in every possible way. Let`s tell, fall in love (or anew fall in love with the guy), or find worthy competitor I mean - on beauty and charm. Or still imagine something for stimulation of education in yourself self-admiration . I know, at you surely it will turn out.

Beauty without the victims. to All expression is familiar to

: beauty demands the victims but unless the victim can be beautiful. Beauty is a creation , but not destruction. Therefore, it is necessary to treat this concept with ease and so that it was not a burden.

We will tell, at you hair badly grow, and everyday massages of the head with burdock oil strain. Means it is not necessary to force himself. Do procedure when to you is in a high even if frequency will decrease to once a week. Believe, from this time the effect will be more, than from repeated treatments half-heartedly and pleasures.

Or, for example, physical exercises for maintenance or correction of forms difficult are given. Begin to be engaged in that activity which to you to liking and at the same time assumes physical activities. Even cleaning of the apartment burns a huge number of calories and warms up muscles, and this necessary occupation. Vykro time for dances, or swimming, or for classes in yoga. Experiment, choose for yourself what optimum and is useful at the same time. Who looks for - that will always find and I would tell: who wants to be beautiful - that and will be it .

I think that the set of methods of improvement of own beauty is familiar to you (I mean not plasticity). Modernize them, arrange under yourself so that you received pleasures from process, increasing, at the same time, efficiency.

We Are brief . to

needs no fight because in any fight you get corresponding grazes, bruises, wounds And if you involuntarily, most likely and happen to the majority, participate in such to a slaughter mine to you council: direct all the forces to elimination of this process. The person out of fight - is harmonious, cheerful, beautiful. And it does not mean that he does not strive for perfection, he tries to obtain the desirable, but not in the course of fight, and in the course of harmonization of with world around. And it is possible to call such person rather strong, beautiful whom various media carriers and towards which and there is a wish to turn back do not influence.

Beauty to you harmonious!