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What it is necessary to know about blood transfusion?

often call Blood water of life. God forbid to whom to come up against a situation when the loved one lies at deaths door, only blood transfusion can rescue him. And you are ready to come to a main square and to shout to blue in the face: Somebody from the third negative!!! Help! I pay any money. Announcements on forums and chats Are scattered, the call on all contacts in " is dispatched; to ICQ . It is good if the necessary person is in time. Certainly, time for analyses will not be. Will transfuse to the patient blood at once - every second is expensive. And what`s next?

you will tell that usually in medical institutions there is tinned donor blood which is precisely completely checked for existence of causative agents of all diseases. Well, can, it and so. But I will tell one story.

Once at us in the city constantly twisted rollers on radio and television, published articles with requests for the help in newspapers. Difficult operation on which parents had no money was required for the little girl. Everywhere specified the settlement account of parents, asked to help who than can. The public organization in which I consisted decided to take part in it. Were going to kill two hares at once. Members of the organization had to take a blood test and the small money received for it to give to the general heap. All proceeds went to the account of parents of the sick girl. I did not take part in this action because of minority, but many went to hand over contents of the veins. History with the child ended well. Performed on the girl operation, she survived. And here things which told me taking a " blood test; colleagues I was struck.

For a portion of blood (it is the whole 350 ml!) paid donors about hundred rubles. In the different cities of figure different, every year change. Speak, in Moscow from this year raised a payment to 600 rubles, but in other cities the payment does not exceed 200. Who will covet such money? Only, as they say, asocial persons for whom is not enough for a bottle.

Generally speaking, the prices of donor blood and volume of a portion strongly differ. So, for example, before crash of the Soviet Union the paid portion made 400 - 450 ml. Did not pay for smaller volume, awarded with privileges and a lunch. Now somewhere pay also for 100 ml, and also 300 ml somewhere are not paid. In some areas local authorities encourage donors with lunches, but in most cases at most will give the reference exempting per day from work. Generally, the uniform standard does not exist now. And it is one more serious problem of donorship.

Well, blood donation is a charity in pure form. It is the victim which saves hundreds of human lives. However how taught us fairy tales to what the good deeds do not parade, practice shows that charity needs to be encouraged somehow. In total - privileges are not just an opportunity to save money. It is the fact of recognition by society of your merits. The person comes into transport and stretches the certificate - he is a veteran, he was at war for us. Once small privileges were put also to donors, but long ago abolished them. About donorship somehow in general forgot, do not consider it as something important any more. It is no wonder that already almost nobody hands over precious corporal liquid: neither money, nor gratitude. Since 1985 the number of donors in Russia decreased twice and continues to decrease. There are catastrophically not enough blood reserves. As a result of blood for transfusion often is not enough, and the victim`s relatives sometimes should ask for the help in literal sense the first comers.

Theoretically the donor has to be examined regularly, on him the card is conducted. Donors are subdivided on active (rub also more donations in a year) and reserve (less than three donations a year). It is possible to take in total blood test no more than 5 times a year (to women no more than 4 times). After 40 donations it is possible to receive the sign honourable donor . In my opinion, this badge is equivalent to a medal.

It is necessary to spend a lot of money for inspection of the donor - analyses on HIV, syphilis and many other diseases are necessary. Unfortunately, in practice doctors sometimes neglect inspection. Infection cases at blood transfusion are not so rare. When investigation is made and it becomes clear that the donor was not examined, happens late. Besides, it is possible to reveal HIV only 6 months later after infection. Therefore analyses can not always be trusted. In the well-planned West there is a special system of check of donor blood now. Precious liquid is preserved and stored several months then again it is checked. Such system since 1992 exists in the Saratov region. Doctors say that during existence she rescued 4,5 thousand people from infection! However such system demands an additional investment of money therefore apply it far not everywhere. Besides, effective check requires the new equipment and new technologies of analyses which, again - can carry out not all state clinics of our country.

Now short reference. At the usual unprotected sexual intercourse with HIV - infected probability of infection makes 0,1 - 1%. This probability depends on many factors. At blood transfusion this figure approaches 100%. Not so long ago in my city there was a scandal: the patient was infected by HIV in maternity hospital at blood transfusion. After that doctors found out that the woman who was the constant donor, HIV - is infected! Such stories repeat quite often. It is asked: can, in fight against AIDS you should not be limited to distribution of condoms and appeals not to do drugs? Perhaps it is worth paying attention and to a donorship problem?

From herself would like to wish not to get everything into situations when the help of the donor is required. And in general the purpose of this article was in reminding people as donorship is important for each of us. I hope, it is reached.