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How to look after an aquarium?

Ya always wanted to get small fishes and very much waited when I am able to buy an aquarium. And here it is a big beautiful aquarium and a great number of multi-colored small fishes in it. There passed week, two. The aquarium began to become soiled, and I did not know at all how it can be cleaned. To understand as it is correctly necessary to look after an aquarium, I began to look through a set of books, brochures in which it was stated. Not to forget, I wrote out several simple rules.

Care of an aquarium has to be competent, regular and whenever possible minimum. It includes: control of a condition of fishes, catching of patients, removal of the dead, landing of new; feeding of fishes; care of aquarian plants; control of a condition of aquarian equipment and elimination of the found malfunctions; cleaning of an aquarium, filters; partial change of water, control of its structure. Distinguish daily, periodic, seasonal care of an aquarium.

Daily leaving.

Every day to examine an aquarium, paying special attention for operation of devices of lighting, heating. Before feeding of favourites to watch their state. Healthy fishes are mobile, do not squeeze fins, do not shake, on a body there should not be spots, ulcers, rash. To make feeding in stages which quantity is established by practical consideration, for example, in the morning and in the evening. The quantity of the forage given for once has to be such that fishes ate it within 20 min.

Periodic leaving.

Provides cleaning of an aquarium, care of plants, partial change of water and some other works: remove integumentary glass from an aquarium, switch-off devices; clean a bottom; a scraper or a hank of a kapron thread clear a windshield of a raid of salts and seaweed; softly level soil surfaces; delete the old, turned yellow leaves and stalks at the planted plants long ago; add fresh water in an aquarium.

Seasonal leaving. It is carried out in the spring and in the fall.

in the Spring: to reduce the power of heaters and artificial lighting; to carefully clean an aquarium; to wash all devices; to remove old plants.

in the Fall: transfer of an aquarium to the winter mode. To increase the power of lighting and heaters. To check serviceability of a temperature regulator and the compressor. To check a condition of forages which get divorced at home, if necessary to do new exercises of culture.

Well, that`s all. Follow these rules, and your aquarium will always be as it should be, and your favourites will please you!