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What the Japanese will ask about, wishing to learn your character? About a blood type of

By what parameters it is possible to determine character of the person? It both zodiac sign, and birthplace, and your name, and education, and even skin color and hair. Japanese went further away and, thanks to researches of the Japanese expert of Tositaka Nomi, consider that character of the person can be determined by a blood type.

Of course, it is possible to argue with any of the listed signs of determination of character, someone considers that the arrangement of stars does not exert any impact on our character, but, nevertheless, many of us, wishing to recognize the interlocutor are closer, ask about zodiac sign, wishing to learn about its character at least approximately.

Some consider that people with identical names are similar, for example, when the kid is named Vovochka, jokes are remembered the madcap, and jokes about blondes - in general a separate subject.

The western medical school is skeptical about researches of the Japanese scientist, but, nevertheless, all Japanese with whom I had to communicate, being beyond business communication, ask a question of what blood type at you and at employment ask to specify this parameter in many firms.

So, people with the first blood type (type 0) seek for leadership, but never forget about the relatives. They are optimists and enthusiasts, among them there are a lot of leaders and people holding the leading posts. However for them such qualities as obstinacy and unwillingness to reckon with opinion of people around, the main thing are typical for them - freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom of action.

Japanese believe that people with the second blood type (type A) appreciate an order and public rules, value human relations, than they would not be engaged, begin to act only after thorough training. Are always friendly and patient. In Japan just most of all people with the second blood type.

The third blood type (type B) - the complete antithesis of the second. People of this group do not like to be connected by order and rules, at them usually good imagination, as a rule, they behave frostily, but, nevertheless, are awfully jealous. Among people of this group cultural figures and arts meet more often.

Fourth group (AV type). Such qualities as objectivity of judgments and composure are peculiar to this category of people. These people follow command of reason, but not heart. Are very diplomatic, honest and punctual.

Of course, division of all people into only four types is not an indicator of character, but only one of ways of definition of common features. But, nevertheless, there was even a method of the choice of semi-precious stones based on compatibility with a blood type of the person without speaking about numerous diets to which recommend to adhere depending on belonging to a certain blood type.

Nevertheless, the main advantage of each of us - identity, all of us different and everyone has the merits and demerits, but to deny the fact that all of us though something, but unites I will not be. Eventually, all of us are people.