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Who such ikotonapuskatel and where there live dolgoikayushchy people?

Boring weighty encyclopedias say that:

The hiccups is the reflex reduction of a diaphragm causing sudden strong sighs with a characteristic sound. There is a hiccups at various irritations of a stomach, a peritoneum and some other diseases.

But actually not everything is so simple and boring. Another matter - history of the American farmer Charles Osborn from the town of Enton, State of Iowa. His name is included in the Guinness Book of Records. The matter is that he hiccupped from 1922 to 1990!

At that time Charles only - only began to succeed, worked at the farm nearly 24 hours a day, his affairs went uphill. Once, undressing pork hulk, he tried to lift it, and from strain for a moment fainted. Since then also began to hiccup - from 10 to 40 times a minute.

Osborn, in all the rest quite healthy person, spent many forces and means to get rid of the diseases . For many years he kept to a special diet, consumed only the liquid or wiped food, regularly drank the mixtures registered by doctors. It brought certain results. By 93 years it was possible to guess Osborn`s illness only on pauses which it did in the speech and on periodic twitching of face muscles.

In the evening of life Osborn, hoping - to recover all completely, appointed an award in 10 thousand dollars to the one who will finally cure him of a hiccups, however any of doctors could not offer panacea from an illness. And in 1990 Osborn stopped hiccupping - considered that thanks to prayers of his daughter Melissa, - and gave her an award.

Other, more modern case sends us to the same America. In March of this year Lenta. ru reported that the girl Jennifer Mi continuously hiccupped within 37 days, and recovered with arrival of spring.

All this time she hiccupped about 50 times a minute, from - for what could not talk and sleep. According to Jennifer, helped to find an opportunity to breathe quietly to it sessions of chiropractic, acupuncture, hypnosis, tranquilizers and other again.

Mother of the girl called her healing miracle, having told that now her daughter became normal 15 again - the summer child, and from a former illness there is no trace left also. But, in spite of the fact that Jennifer did not stop treatment, being afraid that the hiccups will return to it again, and happened. Since March 17 the girl began to hiccup again.

As well as in a case with Osborn, doctors can explain nothing. The reason of so long convulsive reductions of a diaphragm of the teenager in whose functioning of an organism no violations are found, - the secret covered with a gloom as well as a phenomenon of a hiccups.

To what it was thought up by the nature why whether it is necessary and necessary in general?

Some experts believe that it can be a trace of some primitive instinct causing excitement of a diafragmalny nerve owing to what the diaphragm begins to be reduced and relax. The reason of it the overeating , as a stress or overcooling can serve . It is interesting that men suffer from hiccups attacks more often than women.

The first mentions of a hiccups reached us since Ancient Greece. People and hiccupped in those days, and it is not worse than ours. Still Hippocrates wrote that the hiccups can be stopped by sneezing or several drinks of water of room temperature.

At Celts the hiccups was considered as manifestation of evil thoughts of the person, in the African countries on the contrary - manifestation (unreliable bad) thoughts of someone. In Russia the hiccups was connected with tricks of evil spirit, attributing to devils, witches and sorcerers of ability of ikotonapuskatel .

Since that remote time we were reached by a set of national beliefs about this generation of evil spirit, it seems: if you hiccup, so someone remembers you the spirit bubbles or the soul good luck talks . Also various national ways of its treatment concerned us.

Here some (most known) from them:

- to Inhale full lungs of air and to hold the breath.

- About a minute to take a lemon segment in a mouth.

- Several times quickly to inhale, stretch (or to sit down), and then slowly to exhale.

- to Drink a glass of cool water.
Summing up of

the results, I will advise you to be careful of a gluttony, a cold shower and strong shocks not to repeat a sad story of Osborn, Jennifer Mi and other hostages sincere talk .

Take care!