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How to choose gifts?

As are pleasant to give gifts! But it is necessary to be able to choose with the imagination gifts, at each of our relatives, friends, friends - the habits and preferences. Incorrectly picked up gift can offend the person therefore the choice of a sign of attention - business very responsible.

With the choice of gifts for relatives and friends, as a rule, problems do not arise: we know their tastes and requirements. It is important to define character of a gift only: if it formal, then is usually flowers, candies, souvenirs. If you are going to present the thing necessary in economy, then it is worth consulting to other donators not to repeat.

If you want to please or even to touch the loved one, it is important to enclose heat of your soul in the gift. It can be a family relic, or the thing done with loving care by your hands, or something what the person dreamed long ago of. The photo album made by you can become a good touching gift, for example. It is possible to think over a certain history according to which pages the recipient will remember the best moments of life. To photos it is possible to make inscriptions. Fortunately, the modern equipment is at the high level, and it is possible to carry out all this.

Well and if you want to show off - fork up and choose something bright, shouting of the cost.

With unfamiliar people it is necessary more difficult. It is worth finding out in advance about addictions of the person to whom you are going to give a gift. If the person has a hobby, then pertinently will be to present the encyclopedia or the book on this subject. If the person is known to you, then it is possible to define what can appear in a focus of his interests. Thus, tiresome search of a gift will turn for you into fascinating and hazardous research process.

How to learn for certain, a coma, what gifts will be most pleasant? Psychologists divide people into visual learners, audial and kinestetik. To find out what group treats presented, you can, having observed behavior of the person. Visual learners prefer to obtain information on the world by means of sight. At conversation they usually look to the interlocutor in the face and look away, having only deeply reflected. For visual learners the best gift.

of Audiala perceive surrounding reality mainly aurally. At conversation they prefer to sit to you sideways, reflecting, look more often aside, but not directly before themselves, as if direct an ear. As a gift they will be suited - disks, players, music boxes, phones, generally, everything that the hearing can please. all seek to try

of Kinestetiki to the touch, on taste and on a smell. They aim to touch the interlocutor even if they do not look at him. They can safely give soft clothes (jumper), aromatic candles in original candlesticks, confectionery or perfume.

there was Recently a fashionable tendency to make gifts with implication. For example if you received from the man candied roasted nuts in chocolate, say that it means that he very much loves you. Soft candies with a nutlet inside ( Rafaello for example) speak about the secret admirer. Candies with cognac or liqueur say that your proximity intoxicates. A souffle - easy, noncommittal sympathy, and dark bitter chocolate with a small bottle fault - hope for an intimate meeting. I do not know whether it is possible to treat it seriously, but if you want, then this your right. All these symbols can be read differently. Probably, it is necessary to listen that tells your heart.

And still now it is fashionable to give certificates for a certain sum , and the gift of people can choose. But, unfortunately, in this case the pleasure from receiving a surprise is lost. Though it and a quite good way to please.

Successful to you gifts!