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Whether satisfies thirst " Sprite;?

at the beginning of 90 - x came to the Russian market The Cook - " Coca; Forfeit The Cevennes - Ap Mirinda and other capitalist aerated water with legendary taste. It is terrible to turn on the TV - some young cretins constantly invite us to join in To the Forfeit . But it is necessary to drink that - even doctors recommend to drink daily not less than 7 glasses of water that in translation on cooks it will be equal on volume to a polutoralitrovy bottle. Well, here we will also wonder - and what will be if to drink such bottle?

For a start we will report that 1,5 liters during the day of different color liquid are much easier to drink (and even more), in comparison with just water. It speaks simply - getting thirsty. From what it? And here let`s understand.

We will get accustomed to a label of the same " Sprite;. Let`s begin with the end: it is written - preservative " sodium benzoate;. Here nothing terrible - normal preservative of a natural origin, contains for example, in a usual cranberry. Though receive it not from a cranberry now, and in the synthetic way, but also in it there is nothing terrible. Further it is told - natural " fragrances;. We cannot check it, but we will believe at least because fragrances from natural raw materials are inexpensive and there is no sense to replace them with artificial.

We go further. As the regulator of acidity of LLC The Cook - " Coca; making these drinks, uses lemon acid. Of course not from lemon juice, but all the same natural origin - now lemon acid is made in the microbiological way: special strains of microorganisms which turn different food waste into valuable and tasty acid are removed.

Further on a label it is told about contents in carbon dioxide drink - it is the usual carbonic acid giving bubbles when opening a bottle. And now we approached the most interesting.

In structure " Sprite; sugar enters. That sugar - white death all know, as well as that there is nothing terrible in sugar if not to overeat. Even on the contrary, the person needs to eat a sugar quantity every day. Let`s try to consider how many sugar in a standard can of 0,33 l or a bottle of 0,5 l. We will take basic data from the label.

It is obvious that except sugar (or sucrose if on scientific), in drink there are no carbohydrates, neither starch, nor cellulose. And carbohydrates, according to a label, there 10 g on 100 ml. So, 10 grams of sugar. The standard piece of sugar weighs 5,5 grams - it is easy to calculate it, even without weighing sugar on exact scales. In a usual pack of lump sugar weighing 1 kg there are 180 pieces of sugar (you can check). We divide and receive about 5,5 grams.

And here it, the most interesting. Simple calculation for these initial sizes gives that the standard can contains 6 pieces of sugar, and in a half liter bottle it is even more - 9 (!) pieces of sugar. And it is not a limit. In some of these stake even more sugar contains. In bank - 7 pieces, and in a bottle to 11 pieces! In 2 - x liter Forfeit etc. - horror, a glass of sugar with top!

Now it is clear why getting thirsty even after liter Forfeits . All these drinks - not for a satisfying, and for arousing thirst. Our unfortunate youth drinks, in effect, almost sugar syrup. All right only not satisfied thirst, such large amount of sugar provokes obesity and, what is even worse, diabetes which began to be carried already to diseases of 21 centuries. What to do? One way was offered by the company The Cook - " Coca; responding on squall of complaints concerning the high caloric content of the products. Naturally this squall arose in the West, at us is heard only echoes of this company. Now and The Cook - " Coca; and her competitor Pepsi - " Coca; thought up replacement to sugar - began to add various not sugar sweeteners, from known " long ago; " saccharin; to modern " Aspartame;. As a result the same turns out " Coca; only dayt or light . Saccharin - absolutely artificial sweetener which is thought up even before World War II. As a result of long researches found out that you should not abuse this substance, in significant amounts it is harmful. However it is quite difficult to abuse it - it substance is a hundred times more sweet than sugar and add it to drinks and cakes very little. Another thing is that taste of saccharin differs from purely sugar a little, even a certain bitterness is felt. It is even pleasant to much, but it is not it. However, we will tell at first about aspartame.

Aspartame - dipeptide phenylalanine, quite natural substance harmless to most of people, except for patients with a fenilketonuriya - the dreadful disease striking nervous system. Therefore on goods with aspartame of firm producers are obliged to write - contains " phenylalanine; or not for patients with a fenilketonuriya . It is necessary to tell, the majority of firms and does - look at labels of various chewing gum without " sugar; - there by small letters and it is written. Aspartame is more sweet in hundreds than sugar of times too and add it very little, but Both of these substances are extremely favorable to

to production of drinks. Imagine that instead of a sugar bag in a tank with future " Coca; it is necessary to pour only a sweetener mug. It is clear to everyone, production is how simpler, the warehouse etc. is how less necessary. Therefore - that the western and already many domestic producers so were fond of sweeteners - and not from at all - for cares of ours health! Take at random any drink in shop and in 9 of 10 cases it will be on aspartame. And even when it in principle cannot be: for example in kvass. Kvass by definition fermentation drink, and can wander in it only natural sugar, aspartame here and. So if you see on a label with kvass the inscription " aspartame; or camouflage Nutrisvit know - it is not kvass! It is sweetish solution of brown dye with an additive of lemon E330 acid.

Yes, but now we satisfy thirst and we do not overload ourselves with calories, someone will tell. Well, concerning calories all the truth, them in light and dayt practically not, as there is no high-calorific sugar there and. And here the first statement, alas, is absolutely incorrect! After the use of drinks with sweeteners in a mouth there is quite vile feeling of excessive sweetness who and wants to be removed in the new portion of drink. Try and be convinced. And everything speaks very simply: in - the first, saliva badly deletes residual sweetener with mucous a mouth, and in - the second, at plants will often overdose sweetener. Really, at such level of sweet it is easy it and to pour. And as a result - again drink for arousing thirst.

However, the alternative is - it is usual colourless unsweetened clear water, with gas or without gas. Here such drinks really relieve of thirst!

On book " materials; Anti-marketing Petra Obraztsova