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How to excite the partner? " aphrodisiacs

; Take pigeon heart, crush a bull horn, add a vorony dung, dilute with mutton blood and let`s drink the turned-out mix imperceptibly to darling - the ancient recipe says. Now we laugh at it, but also zealously and fondly we look for means which would force darling or darling to lose the head from passion. Naivety, alas, leads to harmful consequences.

of Substance, promoting excitement, are collectively called " aphrodisiacs;. It is necessary to make a reservation that here means for treatment of impotence do not belong. Though the border is washed very away here: Yokhimbe for example, it is considered aphrodisiac, and " Viagra; - no.

People from antiquity attributed exciting properties to different substances. So, for example, ate genitals of animals, for example testicles of a bull which can be found in the menu of restaurants of the different countries to this day. At many people powder from horns was considered as the most powerful aphrodisiac. The superstition clung to superstition and here, having done a long way, horns were are set up on a forehead of the man to which the wife changed. By the way, to this day poachers hunt rhinoceroses, selling for fabulous money of their horn to Chinese. Those make of them modern " aphrodisiacs; also sell them for even more fabulous money worldwide.

The exciting and well influencing a potentiality properties were attributed and even are attributed to many products today: to crude quail eggs, greens, parsley root Unfortunately, these substances are not aphrodisiacs. However, the various all-strengthening and toning products, like a ginseng and a magnolia vine, exert impact and on this sphere. But it is already result of the general improvement.

However, many physicians say that they strawberry in combination with carbon dioxide of champagne strengthen production of hormones and thus strengthens sexual desire. In general many carry alcohol to the list of aphrodisiacs as it it is valid reduces a distance between the man and the woman. Unfortunately, at the same time it reduces sensitivity.

Very often the substances which were considered as aphrodisiacs were dangerous to human health. So, for example, the substance which is contained in wings of the well-known shpansky front sight causes a blockage of blood vessels around genitals, causing feeling of pleasant heat and excitement. At repeated application for men it causes the long painful erection which is coming to an end with a rupture of blood vessels and full impotence. Women have a strong painful swelling of genitals at which it is impossible to sit.

the Strongest aphrodisiacs are many narcotic substances and mixes prepared on their basis. They are capable to turn any person into the mad, eager only for sex being. Marquis de Sade liked to have a good time, pouring guests in an entertainment similar powders. It colourfully described the orgy following it in the books. By the way, if you go to the fortuneteller for a love potion, she can quite hand you substance on the basis of drug. If you hocus a similar potion a desire subject, can spend several next years in places of confinement - for drug trafficking and rape.

Resolved today aphrodisiacs cannot render so magic effect, and the woman indifferent hitherto will not throw the arms round you a neck with a cry: I want you! But they can help to create the necessary spirit and to aggravate feelings at sexual intercourse. Various components of an animal and phytogenesis are their part. Separately it is worth allocating a pheromone perfume. should Buy by

aphrodisiacs in specialized shops. Give preference to a preparation of the European, but not Asian production better. However remember that your charming smile will become the best aphrodisiac for darling.