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What do we know about cold war of the USA - Pakistan?

in the Fall of last year I worked in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan within 3 months. On television continuous Indian movies, news only in Urdu. Television channels in hotel there were about 200, but practically all musical. It is simply impossible to receive a real picture of the events in the world. Of course, all of us addressed the Internet searching though some information.

Pakistan - the country where very many are not able to write. What is read in the local newspaper, is retold by word of mouth repeatedly. You can imagine the level of knowledge of citizens. And as it is easy to operate this weight!

Newspapers in English - units, also try them find. Books cost very much, and it is possible to buy them only in supermarkets because, actually, nobody reads. - it is not favorable to sell books, only various interpretation of the Koran.

What was my surprise when in each newspaper which got to me (in English or in two languages) I found article about attack of troops of the USA on Pakistan.

Article settled down surely on the first page moreover with photos of bombers and the blood-stained corpses of injured Pakistanis.

All comments which I could achieve from local population were reduced to the fact that America is enemies. They us kill every day. They want to kill our president. And it is such progressive. He allowed the Indian television to broadcast to Pakistan. He cares for people .

And that else people can tell if I with own eyes saw newspaper reportings on attack on Musharaff`s residence. The most interesting that on the Internet about it words.

During calls home, I tried to find out from acquaintances: whether there were described attacks whether something was told in news.

A answers of relatives and acquaintances directly led up a blind alley. Because nobody heard about what I described. And, on the contrary, I am asked: What there happens at you? Speak in news, at the airport security measures and in general are strengthened, the curfew " is nearly entered;. And in Pakistan meanwhile everything is silent. I was at the airport every day and I can tell with an accuracy that any innovation was not for three months. Everything took its course. Peaceful and quiet life.

From my investigations, I concluded that information which shows Pakistan as especially terrorist country gets to a selection of news to the countries of Europe and CIS. And any alternative. In turn, the government of Pakistan forms the hostile attitude towards the USA through internal mass media.

Who needs it?

I why ordinary inhabitants, for which the most important to eat and to sing the song are involved in political intrigues?

It reminds nothing to you? Also was at the time of cold war of the USSR - the USA. But then about the Internet slykhy nobody heard. Closeness of information played into the hands of political manipulators.

Apparently and now there are cold wars in the world. Wars about which we, such informed and formed, know nothing.

I when will rise everything Iron Curtains ? Can wars will become less?