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Who became a prototype of the Gogol smith Vakula?

on April 18, 1825 in St. Petersburg Vladimir Lucic Borovikovsky, the person who in 38 years of work created hundreds of portrait works died. He died just in a year when the academy of Arts was going to note 30 - the anniversary from the date of assignment to it an honorary title of the academician of portrait painting. It left, and his portraits still please us with the juicy, bright images of people of an era of the end of XVIII - the beginnings of the 19th centuries.

But there is in life of this outstanding artist one more interesting implication to which very few people pay attention. All the matter is that from Borovikovsky other his famous fellow countryman - Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol - wrote several years later the smith Vakulu.

To it there are several confirmations at once. In - the first, a geographical binding - the artist was born and grew up in the city of Myrgorod, and the smith lived near this small Ukrainian town. In - the second, both one, and the second were fond of writing of icons. And, at last, they are united by the fact that they were noticed by the high society and appeared in St. Petersburg.

However, the story about Christmas adventures of Vakula all read, probably. And here, most likely, not many are familiar with Borovikovsky`s biography. Today we have an opportunity to meet this lack.

So, Vladimir Lucic was born in a family of the Mirgorod icon painter Luka Borovik (it then, several years later, already in St. Petersburg, the artist will add more noble Polish the termination to the surname). And icons were drawn not only by the father, but also the uncle of future artist. They also became the first teachers of the boy.

When Vladimir grew up, he, by the Cossack traditions, was sent to military service, and having come back home, with even big heat took up the brush. And one of its first works after return - the icons for the Troitsk temple in Myrgorod created in 1784 were highly appreciated so that to it charged to create allegories for registration of a solemn way of Catherine II to the Crimea. They were executed so skillfully that the empress not just estimated gift the beginning master of a brush, but also very much was surprised when learned that it practically the self-educated person. To You the place in academy of Arts - Catherine II categorically dropped, and her court took the young master on a pencil .

And in several months Vladimir Borovikov became Borovikovsky and moved to the capital of the Russian Empire. However, to break through in academicians was not so - that simply. And then Nikolay Aleksandrovich Lvov with whom the young artist was especially amicable suggested to write a portrait swear all Russian people . Still great Shakespeare somehow noticed that not stones female hearts . However, Catherine II was one, and artists - tens. The empress mercilessly rejected many portraits. And then the desire to approach the yard turned in imperial disgrace.

That is why Borovikovsky made creative gift in a little unusual manner - represented the empress during walk in Tsarskoye Selo park. And, drew Catherine II not from life (it did not receive to fit presented well), and on memory. However, such is there was a destiny of most of the artists who represented the empress, she considered to pose for someone below the advantage.

This unusual foreshortening became the reason that Borovikovsky did not get to disgrace, but also the yard did not approach. Instead of appointing him the academician, Catherine II disposed to give to Borovikovsky for a portrait only the rank appointed (in academicians), but not the academician. And a high rank Vladimir Lucic was awarded two years later, after death of the empress.

Out of any doubts, Borovikovsky was such block in the art world of that era. And moreover - left very interesting pupil whom trained houses, at the private school. The other day I was in Moscow, in Kazan Cathedral, and once again, differently looked at the images created by a brush of the great master. The impression is indelible!

In it and the answer to a question: why Borovikovsky became a prototype of the smith Vakula. He died when to young Gogol went 17 - y year. And more significant figure for Myrgorod in those days as however, and now, was not.

Once Gogol told the wise phrase: In a literary world there is no death, and dead persons also interpose in our matter and act together with us as live .

Well, Borovikovsky endured himself not only in pictures, but also in literature.

And its example of others science! As if freely your talent in the native village, the city felt, but if to it it becomes close in this framework, safely make the way above! For this purpose at all it is optional that your work was noted by someone from the highest dignitaries!

Knock and it will be opened!

V. L. Borovikovsky`s pictures