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What marriage is?

From recently overheard conversation of two girlfriends:

- You are still not married? To you nearly thirty! Think of it!

I do not know that the girl responded to this remark, and I personally thought of marriage. It is quite possible that she also was already married - there are not so few types of marriage. Other question that not all of them are legalized legally and not everyone is noted by ceremonies, like driving on a limousine in a white dress with thingies.

For a start I got into the Big Encyclopaedic Dictionary which gave me the general definition that marriage is the voluntary, equal union of the woman and man concluded for creation of a family and generating the mutual rights and duties of spouses. Marriage between same-gender people or not registered in bodies of a registry office " does not admit the Russian Federation;. About balls and a banquet nothing is told, and it seems to me that the girl mentioned by me in the preface meant the Wedding as a symbol of official registration of marriage.

Civil vs church marriage.

At any female forum always the place for the subject " will be; Civil marriage . For some reason girls consider as that marriage without stamp in the passport. Actually civil marriage just is also devoted to a stamp in the passport. Is also an antonym to church marriage. Distinctive signs of a civil marriage: the aunty with two passports in a hand, a raspisyvaniye in the big granary book under sounds of three violins and one harp. At the conclusion of church marriage there is a priest, church and prayers. In Russia and some other countries the civil marriage without church is considered lawful, church without civil is legally defective. And here both marriages are equal in Great Britain, some states of the USA before the state. Definition of the marriage which is not issued legislatively is the term actual marriage : there is no stamp in the passport, before an altar oaths did not exchange, but live in one territory, have the general kids and store money in one bedside table.

External vs internal marriage.

External marriage consists between not relatives (the relationship of souls is not considered). Respectively, the internal marriage a little characteristic of the Russian society is between persons of one public group (that often is a synonym one family ) . Having laid aside religious background of internal marriages, we will notice only that in external there are more chances to give birth to the healthy child. Smoothly joins this group so-called kuzenny marriage (union of the cousin and sister). If to get absolutely deeply into a question, then it will become clear that happens krosskuzenny (cross - kuzenny) - marriage with the daughter of the brother of mother or with the daughter of the sister of the father, and ortokuzenny (in parallel - kuzenny) - marriage with the daughter of the brother of the father or with the daughter of the sister of mother. The main reason for emergence of such form of marriage - the monetary relations, desire to keep property of a family. Often such alliances are concluded by the arrangement between the senior family members, and then they are called contractual marriages . In Russia registration of marriages between relatives in a straight line is forbidden.

Monogamous vs polygamous marriage.

It only seems that in Russia there is exclusively monogamous type of marriage ( form of the marriage concluded between one man and one woman BES). Otherwise from where there are judicial proceedings connected with bigamy? By the way, in such affairs nobody looks at a stamp in the passport, including cohabitation and joint maintaining the general economy indisputable proofs of existence of the marriage relations. But all this concerns only the Russian legislation. In some countries (I hear pensive sighs) it is authorized to have several wives / husbands. Then there are scientific terms in a look poliandriya (when the woman has at the same time several husbands who are not consisting in relationship) and poliginiya (respectively on the contrary), and even group marriage .

Equal vs mismatch.

one more beautiful term Is: gipergamiya . Also he means marriage of the woman with the man of higher social status. Marriage in this case is called morganatic causing in our memory historical examples like Louis XIV`s union from madam de Mentenon. Deprivation of descendants of social privileges of the high-ranking parent will be distinctive feature of this marriage. Also it is not necessary to remember Vasily Pukirev`s picture with the name Mismatch . The age difference has no relation to this term unless the bride was from a country family But in this section it is possible to carry mixed marriage - the union between people of different nationalities or representatives of different races, and also between persons of different religious preferences. In Russia marriage with not Christians, and to Protestants with pagans is forbidden to Orthodox Christians and Catholics. The orthodox church is more strict to marriage with persons of other Christian confessions: the union is allowed only on condition of wedding, a baptism and education of children by rules of orthodox belief.

Patrilocal vs matrilokalny marriage. By historical definition at patrilocal marriage the wife passes

to live on the territory of the husband and vice versa - at matrilokalny marriage. And still happens dislokalny (or separate ) marriage - when everyone lives at himself, occasionally meeting in someone`s territory. Not to confuse with separation - all claims are already stated by the premessenger of divorce, when all ware is already killed, the territory is freed from the bothered spouse and ahead only official divorce.

Trial vs fictitious marriage.

It seems that here in definitions does not have need because thanks to literature and cinema we perfectly know that fictitious marriage consists for the sake of a registration, and trial - to look narrowly to each other. The main difference is that first marriage needs to be registered officially (otherwise as - that to receive a registration?) and the second becomes marriage in the face of the law only after appearance of children (it is optional to go to a registry office).

So in what marriage you consist?

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