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How to define abilities of the child by numerology? It will be interesting to the Parents wishing to understand the child and to take part in his development to learn

what vibrations of numbers exert impact on their child and as it can be used in development of its potential. I offer a simple technique.

In numerology such characteristic as number of a course of life is widely used . For its definition date of birth of the person and the sum of the figures making it undertakes it is given to elementary number - from 1 to 9. For example: On January 27, 1999 - 2+7+0+1+1+9+9+9 = 38 -> 3+8=11 -> 1+1=2. The number of a course of life equals 2.

But I want to warn many against extremes. Because, except vibrations of numbers of date of birth, exert impact on any person to vibration of the numbers received from his name. Passing to a technique statement, I want that readers did not perceive it as dogma. Development of the child can depend on many factors (teachers and psychologists write about it much), and this technique can only give an opportunity more deeply to understand the identity of the child.

We will consider the characteristic of the child on number of a course of life.

Number of a course of life 1

Active, vigorous child. At it constant requirement to be approved in the forces. Since early years feels the identity. The aspiration to do everything independently is characteristic of it. Prefers the company of seniors. He likes to test the courage. Failures depress him. Send its activity to the constructive course. Teach him to assess a situation correctly. Encourage strong-willed qualities of the child. Try to teach him to approve yourself in society, without wounding self-esteem of other people.

Number of a course of life 2

the Child lives emotions, feelings, is guided by the subconscious motives and instincts. Quiet child. Since the childhood he should try to obtain recognition. It has an instinctive need for an order and stability. Is in care and attention very in great need. It is important to put in it self-confidence. Encourage its activity, and also its abilities. This child needs love of both parents, then he will be accompanied by happiness and success.

Number of a course of life 3

the Child possesses natural curiosity to life, joyfully learns world around. He likes to declare himself and require infinite attention. In the early childhood it is whimsical and willful. It is self-confident, easily makes friends. This is the optimist always turning a prospection. Send its activity to the creative course. Help it to cultivate with yourself discipline.

Number of a course of life 4

Quiet and independent child. He needs to feel definiteness and stability. It is reliable, responsible and is credible. Wishes to be in the thick of things, and, at the same time, has a need for a privacy. As the best guarantee of its successful development serves the strong family. Help the child to find self-confidence, feeling of own importance. Note its good acts, persistence in overcoming of difficulties.

Number of a course of life 5

Charming, cheerful, active child. Draws general attention. Knowledge of and the world - the main thing in his life. Any his creativity - an important driving force for self-expression. The child very open and kind, but is quite often inclined to excentric tricks. The parental attention which supports its importance is vital for it. It is important to cultivate respect and self-confidence. Accustom him to discipline and justice.

Number of a course of life 6

Quiet and observant child. The child is obedient and compliant if not to force him. He derives pleasure, doing something for other people, showing care. It has the hidden internal force and confidence. Easily makes friends as needs communication. Encourage its activity. It needs emotional support, love and respect. Teach him to make independently decisions and to plan the time.

Number of a course of life 7

Impressionable, judicious, pensive child. Not on age the feeling of kindness is developed. The most important for it - approval of other people. Very attentive and charming. Gives a lot of joy to parents. Prefers intellectual occupations. It is important to teach to appreciate it himself, to show the identity, to communicate with different people, to express the opinion and feelings. It is necessary to treat him fairly, to teach to keep balance of the inner and outside world.

Number of a course of life 8 the Child is capable to direct to

all efforts for achievement of a goal. Its ability to concentrate is improbable. Shows the will, putting on trials both itself, and people around. It is inclined both to strong attachment, and to hostility. The world perceives intuitively. Is a devoted friend. It is important to be sensitive to it, not to alter character. Teach him to send the determination to the positive course. Constantly show to it love and tenderness.

Number of a course of life 9 the Child is executed by

enthusiasm, is cheerful, vigorous. Seeks to try and see everything that is only possible. Easily enters communication. Since the childhood for it life - game, and game - its elements. Needs physical activity, is in the lead among children and seeks to win. This child requires to himself more attention, than other children. It is necessary to accustom him to finish business. It is vital for it to believe that the big purposes are achievable really.

Children with the same number of a course of life can belong to different social groups, and a little at whom absolute coincidence of all traits of character will be observed. Nevertheless, they will have much the general. It is possible to claim that at the birth identical opportunities give all of them, and here is how they will dispose of them, depends on many factors including from your attitude towards them. The main objective of article - to help you to reach harmony in communication with the children. As a result your life and life of your children will change for the better.