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What does the woman womanly or As lace trudges?

the Subject of female weakness and man`s admiration serve what, as a rule, is decoration of expensive lower or bed linen - lace. It is that sexual part which dements practically any representative of a man`s half of mankind. For the woman to carry lace means to feel even more womanly, sensual and attractive. However not all know that it, actually, lace and as it trudges!

In the popular encyclopedia it appears: Lace is the air, fine fabric made of the thin threads connected in a certain drawing. Laces usually use to decorate different pieces of our clothes and what we use in life. Laces happen manual and machine knitting .

It is valid, lace happens not only decoration of clothes, but also, actually, decoration of household objects. For example, napkins, cloths, a panel, cloths etc. which are capable to change household attributes and to bring a refinement shade, warmth and domesticity . Are remembered grandmother`s napkins and cloths which, as a rule, always decorated drawing rooms and bedrooms in ancient houses possession of needlework was an integral part of female education. From younger age the girl had to be able to hold knitting needles, spokes, hooks in hand

Very actual lace was in 80 - 90 - x years when in women`s magazines about fashion the set of options and combinations of weaving of lace in house conditions was offered. It were shirts, dresses, summer jackets, collars, children`s caps. However the popularity peak endures lace and now! And, the fabric is thinner and yuvelirny work is made, the lace is more expensive and more qualitative. Nothing looks so sexually and attractively as the woman dressed in lace... Even the small part of lace (whether it be sleeves of a jacket, a dress or a lacy frill on a skirt) is capable to create a refined and distinguished image.

For the first time handwork lace was probably made in Italy in the middle of the 16th century. Soon after this lace began to do in France. Presently laces of handwork do generally in Italy and Belgium. Laces of machine knitting are made generally in England, France and in the USA.

Amateur laces usually become in two ways: by means of a needle or by means of koklyushka. Needle lace becomes as follows: drawing is applied on thick paper with the fabric enclosed under it, and then sewn by long stitches as a basis on which the lace maker works as a needle with the only thread, embroidering drawing with loopback stitches. When work is finished, the lace maker cleans long stitches and removes lace from drawing on paper.

Koklyushny lace becomes by means of a huge number of threads, each of which is reeled up on a koklyushka (coil). The pattern is applied on paper, and paper is kidding to the roller made of cloth. Then in the roller pins to hold on the place of a thread are stuck while lace becomes. Lace trudges by means of two koklyushka in each hand. They are moved here and there, crossing threads. In process of advance of work of a pin are rearranged further and further laces on drawing, the invoice and the purpose of mission Differ with

. Chantilly`s laces are a koklyushechny lace with the image of the curling grapevines or branches on a mesh background. It is often used for decoration of evening dresses and a veil for the bride. Lace of a klyuna is the koklyushechny lace with simpler drawing used usually for finishing of children`s dresses and bed linen.

But what byn was lace, it is always actual because feminity - at all times in fashion! White lace will make of you the angelic princess, the snow queen, the bride if you want And black will give sexuality and charm to your unique image. Believe, it can be an integral part of your clothes which will make you even more attractive and charming. Carry lace, feel like the real woman and dement men!.