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How it is correct to stack a backpack?

would Seem, well here difficult? However not everything is as simple as can seem at first sight. How you will be individually equipped, the result of both a single, and group campaign depends. At the same time there is always a question: how at the minimum dimensions of a backpack to take the maximum quantity of necessary objects, to observe weight parameters (6 - 8 kg on the person) and plus that the backpack also was most convenient during carrying?

General rules of laying. Everything that flat and soft, we stack to the party of a backpack adjoining to a back. We stack firm pieces of equipment, and also canned food, a box, bottle with grain on a bottom. On pockets we stuff toilet and lunch accessories, and also other small and necessities. The jacket or a raincoat can be pritorochit to belts on a back. Such way will release hands, will allow to use quickly a jacket and does not demand an occasional seat in a backpack. Upon termination of laying put on a backpack and several times jump up. At you nothing has to rattle, rub and stick into a back.

When laying a backpack. Stacking equipment in a backpack, remember as where you put. At first we put a big plastic bag and the heat-insulating rug curtailed by a tubule in a backpack. This way of laying will create a form of a backpack and will protect its contents from possible rainfall. To a back - a sleeping bag, a blanket, a sweater. It is preferable to place heavy and firm objects at a bottom and to the middle. From above fragile and volume things, and also things which can be necessary for you on a route first of all keep within.

We group objects. Group objects depending on their accessory, and spread out them in made of cloth or plastic bags: in one - spare footwear, in another - toilet accessories, ware - in the third etc. In field conditions it is undesirable to apply a metal bowl and a mug, take plastic ware, and you will not burn during meal. And it is convenient to stir with a wooden spoon the lunch preparing on a fire. Such spoon you receive pleasures from food incommensurably more, than from metal.

Liquids in a backpack. If at you in a backpack transfers liquids in bubbles and bottles (medicine, oil, water), it is desirable to duplicate over traffic jams tightness also a fingerstall, also children`s rubber nipples will approach.

At the crude earth and during a rain. Take with yourself a thin film or an oilcloth the size meter on meter. It is useful to you during parking during a rain, cover with it a backpack from above. During morning dew or if the earth crude, enclose an oilcloth under a backpack. It can be useful to you also as a laying if it is necessary to sit down and as a cloth during a lunch.

At the small volume of a backpack. Sometimes should transfer a sleeping bag or tent on a backpack or under it. In this case the called objects are wrapped in polyethylene and become attached most strong.

That`s all.

Gathered? Again we put on a backpack, we jump.

Jumped? Nothing rubs, rattles?

Then all in a full order. We leave at 6:00!

of Success in a campaign!