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How to avoid a hangover?

the Rare party do without alcoholic drinks. Of course, the Ministry of Health, as always, is right, the excessive use of alcohol damages our health, and all of us agree with it. But, probably, everyone in life had cases when in the morning sincerely you are sorry about yesterday.

Below you will read several practical advice how not to regret about aimlessly spent holiday, and day, behind it the following.

At first let`s consider the mechanism of emergence of a hangover .

Hangover arises under the influence of ethyl aldehyde - substance into which alcohol turns in a liver. This substance affects cells of a brain and increases intra cranial pressure. Therefore at a hangover the head painfully hurts. Besides, alcoholic drinks work as a diuretic and strongly reduce amount of liquid in an organism. After plentiful binge sensitivity of a mucous membrane of a stomach and a small intestine considerably increases. From - for it any drink and food can make sick or vomiting.

A now several simple councils how not to be the person in salad.

Rule first: not to drink on an empty stomach. In this case alcohol instantly gets to blood, goes to the head - and strong intoxication is inevitable.

Rule second: to have a snack. In this case only 10% of alcohol are soaked up. Vodka it is more preferable to have a snack on hot and greasy food. Boiled potatoes and sauerkraut are capable to neutralize effect of alcohol, and greasy food slows down process of absorption of ethyl alcohol. It should be considered to hostesses by drawing up the menu of a feast.

Rule third: drinking - to wash down, especially vodka to reduce concentration of alcohol in a stomach. It is necessary to wash down with water or any soft drink. In general it is better not to mix other alcoholic beverages with vodka if it is not provided by the recipe of cocktail.

However business not always happens in number of snack or compatibility of drinks. The hangover can strike you and in case a certain alcoholic limit which at different people considerably differs was the day before exceeded. Approximately it makes 1 g of ethyl alcohol on kilogram of weight. For the adult man weighing about 80 kg it is about 250 ml of vodka. The female norm is twice less. Besides influence of alcohol on an organism depends also on its general physical state.

If, all - you scorned all above-stated opinion, and next morning your state leaves much to be desired, it is necessary to make the following:

In - the first not to freshen the nip beer and furthermore vodka - you only prolong the sufferings.

In - the second to give to an organism rest: to move, strain less, and it is even better - to oversleep all this time.

B - the third to take urgent measures for an organism conclusion from crisis...

First of all, it is necessary to fill shortage of water, however simple water, satisfying thirst, it is capable to lead to a bigger salt imbalance. Not without reason in Russia traditional hungover the cucumber or cabbage brine was drink.

the Remarkable recipe, according to some experts : on a floor - liter of rather weak hot tea to take eight - ten tablespoons of honey and juice of one lemon. Will help, also a water-melon, from - for high content of   water with it; and magnesium. It is also possible to buy in a drugstore (better in advance) magnesium in the form of sparkling soluble tablets. At last, it is possible to drink kefir. Milk and kefir contain proteins which connect and neutralize toxic substances. Also do not feed a liquid yourself coffee and strong tea, they will strengthen loading on and so tormented heart.

And as a postscript there is a wish to tell: that pleasure from a glass good wine in pleasant company and cozy restaurant or houses much more usefully and more pleasantly the rough libations leaving vague memoirs and a terrible headache. It is worth thinking of it at a leisure.