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What to do if you stopped loving?

Love such unpredictable feeling: comes from nowhere, and leaves in " anywhere;. And when it leaves, people understand that the relations will not happen next. Well still (if it is possible to tell well about the left love) if both persons understand it at the same time. Then there is a chance to disperse peacefully, even to remain friends.

But, unfortunately, much more such situation meets more often that the love abandons only one. I considered option of the fact that stopped loving you in the article What to do if you were stopped loving? . Now turn of option when you stopped loving.

If you really understand that the love passed also it not to return any more, then parting is inevitable. And than rather you will leave the partner, it will be better for those for he (she). Because the longer you will pull these relations, the you will bring more pain to He (she).

should not cling to the collapsed relations at all from a habit or fear to remain alone. It will be meanness in relation to both.

For a start needs to be solved on conversation . To leave in English - not an exit. It is awfully difficult, to say to the person that the love passed. But it needs to be made.

It is the best of all to carry out conversation alive since the letter can be, etc. apprehended as a stab in the back. Conversation has to take place alone, in a quiet situation, without haste. Try to be quiet, not to be rude, and to speak softly, but it is sure. State accurately and clear the position. Conversation is alive better for those that you can see reaction and be to it at suitable loss for words. It is impossible to offend and humiliate he (she) at all, it is not a way to get off quicker.

But at the same time, you have to show that the decision is made and there is no return. Never give hope for what will not be any more. You watch that your words were not multiple-valued, you have to be understood exactly as you want.

it is not necessary to give in on arrangements to wait a little more (and then a little more ), and also on pity to tears and hysterics. Pity is not that feeling for the sake of which it is worth endowing himself.

And especially it is never necessary to follow the tastes of threats and blackmail. Eventually, it is your life and you have the right to dispose of it. (But it is a subject already of other article)

Should not improve the friendly relations at first. The person can apprehend it as attempt to return. In the same way as any your call (even on business), the SMS etc. of

Can arise a situation that you will begin to be revenged. But do not give in on this provocation at all. Do not dare to dismiss also gossips or any other personal information on your former partner.

The most difficult situation if there were children. We in responsibility for those whom we tamed . Remember: children should not suffer from mistakes of parents. For this reason try to make so that they did not hear your quarrels. But it is necessary to talk to them too. Tell that you want to talk as with the adult - the child will estimate it. With teenagers it is more difficult, but nevertheless it is real. Ideally both parents with the child that he understood that mother and the father will also love it need to talk.

And finally I will tell that and you do everything that you tell, it is necessary to try on on himself. Then your actions really will be with all the heart.

And still I wish you that in your life there were as little as possible such situations. And that the love did not leave your house.