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What to do if you were stopped loving?

As are a pity, but the love not always lasts all life. Often it passes, and together with it the end to the relations comes. There is a set of councils how to revive love, but it is possible only in case feelings became dull, but did not disappear.

What to do if at your partner the love passed? In - the first as it is sad in which relations are loved by only one, cannot bring happiness, and often become just flour. Therefore you should not cling to the past, and it is necessary to try to leave in an amicable way.

If you felt that the relations changed, then the best way to understand - it is simple to sit down and talk . The bitter truth is better and if you received it, then do not make hysterics and rows with loud charges ( You to me broke all life! or I to you everything, and you to me.? ) .

You should not persuade the person to remain still that he saw how you changed. If his (her) feelings really cooled down, then nothing will help any more.

it is not necessary to be humiliated or, what is even worse, to work with threats. It will only even more push away from you the person.

In - the second, after parting it is necessary to learn to live without he (she).

it is the best of all for b to try to clean far away those things which remind you of this person. I do not speak to get rid since in this state the hand is not raised to throw out something native and it is not always possible to estimate soberly that can really be useful.

A good way to take big (or small) a box and to put there photos, cards and other related things (everything that cannot still just be thrown out), and then to clean this box on the most distant shelf that was not an eyesore. It is also possible to put a note where you will write he (she) the farewell letter in it.

A symbolical way - to write the letter where it is possible to state everything that now you feel, and to burn it. If to show the imagination, then it is possible to think up for himself special ritual of burning of a note and disposal of things.

After parting it is always necessary to be engaged in something not to think of an adoration subject. Carry out clear-out, and make small shift even better. Such changes will help to change also a way of life. Besides the situation will remind less of the past (for example a chair at a window in which he liked to sit ) . The situation can be changed easily, having hung up other curtains or having replaced a cover on a sofa, a chair. Call to the aid friends - so you and get support, and you will cope quicker.

Learn to distract from sad thoughts not to drown in their stream. For this purpose it is possible to do favorite things: for someone it is shopping, for someone a daily torchaniye in garage Quite perhaps you will understand soon that you saved up the mass of unfinished cases or unrealized desires. You will have an opportunity to be engaged closely in the hobby what it was only possible to dream earlier of.

In - the third, should not rush with the head to the new novel if old wounds did not heal yet. So you can appear already on other side of the problem, having forced to suffer already other person.

In - the fourth, do not try to return the past . It therefore and is called that already passed. It is not necessary to get the person calls and letters. Stop to make plans upon return of darling (darling) or to dream on the subject we again together . If absolutely unbearable, get a notebook where you will write down the thoughts. Often happens so that slopping of feelings on paper (but not on the monitor screen - it is important) gives relief. Not just like that speak: paper does not blush .

It must be kept in mind that the feeling which, appear, already died away, suddenly covers again. It as a sea wave during outflow. Therefore it is necessary to be ready and to the fact that it can happen also to you. Therefore do not trust these temporary inflow. They are only the last waves in the sea of your feelings which will calm down soon.

Still it is necessary to tell that time really treats . And whatever told people around on the fact that the wound will not heal, you should not be trusted in it. (Heard that such suggestion?) Just the different amount of time for healing of a wound is necessary to everyone.

It is natural that all this torments and exhausts the person therefore it is necessary to try to understand himself. Perhaps and the love already passed, and here egoism and offense because that you were thrown, still not. Therefore it is necessary to understand himself properly. You the strong person, will surely cope.

And then one fine day you will understand that life gains new, brighter colors and smells sweet as new aromas. And on the horizon the new love which will surely bring happiness will flash.