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How to gather in a campaign group?

As are shown by practice, the most part of accidents in hikes are the share of tourists - the beginners going accompanied by the conductor - the professional. It is proved by the psychology of the person: if I am conducted by the pro - I in safety. Here it is a mistake! On the wild nature even if you go for rest, it is necessary to be the most collected and attentive - to all participants of group.

In the present article we will not concern professionals, and we will talk about tourists - fans. Let`s consider some features of preparation of a group campaign. We will pay special attention to equipment.

To a campaign. Depending on complexity and duration of a route, gathers group. There is a lot of options, but the main should be known. Usually from 6 to 10 people are a part of group. Before a route on general meeting the head of group is elected. Age, sex and other social factors have absolutely no value. Main criteria: life experience, responsibility, literacy. From this point, to a campaign, on the head preparation highlights lay down. It has to be listened is an axiom.

At the same meeting is chosen accountant who is responsible for group money, tickets and other travel documents, purchase of products and the missing equipment. The photographer gets out. It is very good if one person with medical education is a part of group at least.

The equipment is prepared by all participants without exception. We already discussed individual equipment, and such things as the tent, kostrovy equipment, kitchen accessories, routing documents belong to group.

Tent equipment. , actually, tent with a cover, at the rate of 1 piece of the corresponding size on 3 - 4 persons, and also everything that to it is necessary treats it: pegs, delays, etc. of

Kostrovy equipment. Taganok in a cover, a steel rope and kryuchya, drank in a cover, two axes - big and small - in covers, 1 - 2 couples of working mittens, an awning for a canopy, the area of an awning of 12 - 15 sq.m, matches (in tight packing), a kindling.

Kitchen equipment. couple of buckets which is inserted one into another will be necessary for Group, it is obligatory with covers and in a cover. In general, the ware is selected at the rate of volume liter on the person. Two ladles, will be necessary for first courses and tea. Knives, soap, scouring sponge. Plastic bottles for vegetable and melted butter, for grain and sugar.

Routing documents and equipment. the Route book, cards, compasses (not less than two on group), pens, pencils, notebooks, group money and travel documents, the first-aid kit, a repair set.

Other. can carry cinema Here - and the photoequipment, radio receivers, lamps, radio stations, GPS receivers, spare batteries (accumulators), leisure objects, such as a ball or chess.

About the tourist first-aid kit it is already much written, we in brief will concern a repair set.

the Set - a minimum has to include needles and threads (reinforced, kapron), pieces of matter, a button, a household kapron rope. Also the emery paper, an insulating tape, gasoline (degreasing), whetstone can be necessary for a point of knives and axes, a file, a pricker, shoe nails, passatizh. Rubber glue and patches.

Before an exit to a route. All equipment of group and products are distributed between participants. Who and that will incur, is defined individually. Level of physical training, state of health and age of the participant is considered. It is natural that a man`s half undertakes the main freight.

Remember! From that, will how competently organize, complete and equip group, the success of the campaign depends. It will be possible to avoid the different unpleasant moments which can spoil to you rest.

Controversial organizational issues are resolved at meeting where the opinion of each of participants of a campaign is considered.

Take care! Routes interesting to you.