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How to eat all the year round properly? Winter of

Winter - quite difficult period for your organism. The frost and wind dry skin, hair hide under a cap, without having an opportunity to take a sip fresh air. In the winter you cannot make such long walks as in the summer. In the winter from our table fruit and vegetables, and together with them a huge amount of so necessary vitamins almost disappear. And that the most unpleasant, the organism, trying though somehow to be protected from cold, accumulates subcutaneous fat.

However should not despair. Even it is possible " in the winter; to construct suitable pyramid of healthy food. The healthy food will improve a condition of your immune system, will not allow contours of a body to blur and will present you magnificent health and excellent mood even in gloomy winter days.

It is laudable if you continue to lead active lifestyle also in the winter. Skate also skis, play with friends in snowballs or you mold snowmen and snowmen. Trainings on frosty winter air are especially useful . Your organism will receive more much more vivifying oxygen, than in the summer.

However a large amount of oxygen increases the level of free radicals in an organism. To avoid the unpleasant consequences connected with it, needs to increase vitamin C consumption . Where to find it?

The main source of vitamin C in winter time - potatoes . However your organism will lack the amount of ascorbic acid which is contained in it at all. Besides, the substances which are contained in potatoes promote blood acidulation therefore it is better to reduce its consumption.

It is the best of all to take care of vitamins even in the summer - there are more vegetables, fruit and berries, especially currants . So your organism will save up some reserve of necessary substances. Berries will keep some useful properties if to store them in the freezer. Magnificent source of vitamin C in winter time is sauerkraut .

It is better to be spent for fresh fruit and vegetables, than for drugs. However the fruits of hothouse plants presented in the winter on counters of shops contain few vitamins. Therefore do not forget also about home-made canned food. Here, of course, it is less vitamins, than in summer vegetables and fruit, but in the winter they will be as it is impossible by the way. And they will cost much more cheaper the vegetables and fruit bought in shop.

Drink natural vegetable and fruit juice . Tight packing for a long time keeps their useful properties. Get a habit every morning to drink a glass of juice, and you will feel result soon.

Also other antioxidant - vitamin E is not less important in the winter . You, probably, often heard about its beneficial influence on appearance. It will protect your skin from impact of wind and a frost. It is much simpler to fill a lack of this vitamin in the winter, than vitamin C. There is enough half of a tablespoon of sunflower oil in day.

Remember that not refined oil contains more nutrients and it is better acquired by an organism . Its smell is by no means not so unpleasant as advertizing tries to convince. Of course, it changes taste and a smell of dishes. Therefore it is better to prepare on the refined oil, and crude to use for vitamin salads. You can prepare the following dish:

Grate one carrots on a large grater. Cut an onions head rings or half rings. Fry on a frying pan and displace with the crushed carrots. Fill salad with crude sunflower oil.

Such salad will provide you with vitamins A and E. Remember that vitamin A is fat-soluble. In order that it was acquired, it is necessary to add a quantity of vegetable or animal fat to food.

In the winter the lack of vitamin D is strongly felt by . It is developed in an organism under the influence of sunshine. A lot of this vitamin contains in cod liver. This product is simply invaluable in winter time. Vitamin D also contains in eggs. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to many unpleasant consequences, for example, to obesity.

The following dish will help to avoid deficiency to you. Take ten eggs and the cod liver preserved by in oil . Cook hard boiled eggs, accurately shell them. Cut lengthways in half. Take a yolk and put it in separate ware. Add to a yolk cod liver with oil. Knead a fork and mix weight to a uniform state. Stuff with it halves of eggs. From above decorate a dish with greens branches.

Cod-liver oil possesses bitterish smack therefore for festive option it is better to use instead of a liver tinned of cod fillet in oil . However useful properties of such dish will be much lower.

Remember that the vitamins extracted with such work easily are washed away from an organism sugar. Therefore it is better to pass to natural sweeteners in the winter . Honey, rice syrup or barley extract will approach. These substances not only will impact to your dishes sweet relish, but also will strengthen immunity.

The nature has no bad weather. Winter - a fine season. Never I wish all for all winter to sneeze!