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How to eat all the year round properly? The fall of

Whatever was said by men that the woman wants summer in the winter and farewell to warm sunny days dreams of winter in the summer, to the vast majority of representatives of a fine half not to taste at all. However, A.S. Pushkin said that fall - a fine season. It is necessary to listen to opinion of the classic. And it is easy to get rid of problems which our organism during this period has by means of healthy nutrition.

Offensively, when postroynevshy during the summer the figure loses beautiful outlines again. Our organism, following command of the nature, tries to reserve for the winter a fat . You, of course, do not want to agree with it. How to outwit him?

To get rid of the feeling of hunger pursuing you, put on more warmly . Whenever possible give preference to hot food : so quicker there will come sense of fulness.

Try to eat more. However give preference to low-calorie products which contain a large amount of ballast substances. Vegetables and fruit not only will not add extra kilos, but also will tighten your tummy! To digest products with high content of cellulose, the stomach should work fine. In passing it masses a tummy from within, increasing its elasticity.

The pear represents not just low-calorie delicacy. The substances which are contained in it promote a conclusion of surplus of fat from an organism. Therefore take care that this fruit became constant point of your menu.

In the fall should drink much less water, than in the summer . Surplus of liquid is not less harmful, than its shortcoming. Moisture will go to a tummy and hips, having filled up fatty tissue. In the fall to you there will be enough 1,5 - 1,7 l of water a day.

It is better for to refuse rigid diets in the fall . At most, what it is possible to afford - an autumn post. Strict diets during a transitional season will be apprehended by an organism very inadequately. They can do serious harm to your health.

Beet and plum normalize digestion. Fall in love with these products, and your organism will work as hours . Do not forget that though aloud it is not accepted to speak about problems with digestion, it is easy to guess them on a human face. Spots, earthy complexion, bags under eyes - all this consequences of this delicate problem. You should not tell about it really, but it is necessary to think of its prevention.