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How to eat all the year round properly? Summer of

, it seems, summer - an ideal time for our organism. At this time on a table there is an abundance of products which so lacked in the winter and in the spring. Now it is a high time to dump several kilograms. It is not necessary to do it in the spring - the organism is too weakened to maintain the stresses connected with a diet, starvations, etc. Remember that during the summer your organism has to make a reserve of vitamins for the winter. to you never it seemed to

strange that in the summer when around there is so much tasty and healthy food, people most of all have diarrhea? There is nothing surprising here.

In - the first, in the summer people are more inclined to have a snack that as you know, it is very harmful to a stomach . The speech goes not only about hamburgers here. Ice cream so popular in the summer is not " at all; lung delicacy. It contains many fats and carbohydrates. Besides, the ice cream eaten in very hot weather can easily cause cold. And so there is no wish to appear in the sunny summer day in a bed with a thermometer under the arm! Therefore try to be fond of such dessert not too.

In - the second, summer - an ideal time for bacteria . You know why Asian cuisine generally consists of hot dishes? Pepper kills the bacteria which are contained in food. And in tropical countries of Asia the problem of infections is very actual. Your organism will be hardly glad to too spicy food therefore we will remember mother`s councils. Never forget to wash hands before food! Resist the temptation at once to eat just bought apple. Fruit and vegetables should be washed. Do not drink beer from banks! It is all the same that to lick the door handle.

In - the third, products on a heat very quickly spoil . You remember it upon purchase of meat and fish. Do not buy these products on the street. Do not stop near the street dealer selling belyashes. Do not leave at home to clean all food the refrigerator. So favourite okroshka and other summer cold soups are not stored even in the refrigerator. The spoiled products can become the reason of serious diarrhea.

In - the fourth, on holiday you, of course, will try to try as much as possible exotic dishes . However the stomach loves experiments much less, than you think. Therefore it is better to find out structure of a dish before to try it. If ingredients are too unusual, it is better to refuse such exotic.

In midday summer sun there is no wish to eat at all. Therefore you eat the main quantity of food for breakfast and for dinner. Do not worry from - for it. Of course, it is necessary to try that the dinner did not occur just before a dream and was not too dense. To avoid an overeating, eat not so much how many got used, and it is so much how many it is necessary just not to feel hungry. In the summer the person needs much less food, than in the winter. A sin not to use it!

In August on your table very tasty and useful dish - a water-melon surely has to appear. Do not forget that needs to drink a lot of water in the summer . It is better to give preference even not to mineral water, but herbal teas. They will supply an organism not only necessary amount of precious moisture, but also a large supply of vitamins.