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How to eat all the year round properly? Spring of

Spring The nature blossoms, is filled with life. What cannot be told about us. However, perhaps, at someone on a face violently blossom spots or red spots of an allergy, however hardly it pleases him. How to make so that our state corresponded to a state of nature?

The matter is that cold weather weakens an organism, reducing its immunity. And in the spring on prepared by frosts soil the infection gets, and various viral and catarrhal diseases quickly extend. Therefore the main objective of spring food - to strengthen immunity. As you already know

, strengthening of immunity is promoted by vitamin C. Therefore sauerkraut, currant and a citrus are very actual. Drink natural fruit and vegetable juice - they will help with fight against avitaminosis.

Mushrooms and, strangely enough, red meat will strengthen your immunity . However with these products it is necessary to be more careful. Abuse of them can lead to very unpleasant consequences. It is better not to gather mushrooms and not to buy in the market - even edible species of mushrooms can become poisonous, having absorbed the corresponding substances from environment.

An excellent prophylactic of cold is tea . It contains a large amount of the antioxidants fighting with harmful free radicals. By the same method also with fermented milk products work .

In the spring often there is a motivation to go on a diet. Well, the desire quite reasonable - during the winter usually an organism manages to save up a fat. But it is not necessary to starve in the spring. At this particular time years need to be looked especially attentively behind that the organism received enough nutrients. It is important to choose a diet correctly. Many doctors claim that the Lent is useful not only as a hobby, but also to a body. At the end of winter - the beginning of spring it is useful to pass to digestible low-calorie products temporarily. It speeds up work of an organism, in particular, of a digestive tract. Vegetables and fruit force a stomach to work more intensively, digesting food. Thanks to it to massage the tummy is tightened.

Some complain that in the spring vegetables and fruit cost much. But it is not obligatory to buy apples and tomatoes every day at all. It is possible to eat cabbage (especially fermented), carrots. Try to decorate dishes with greens more often. Remember dried fruits and home-made canned food. There are several recipes which will help to diversify the spring menu and to make it especially useful.

" salad; Freshness .

1 boiled potato

of 50 g of salty mushrooms

1 cucumber


tomato 1 sweet pepper (it is possible preserved)

1 head of the

onions of 1 tablespoon of

lemon juice of 2 tablespoons.

vegetable oil salt to taste. Potatoes and a cucumber to cut

in cubes, to crush mushrooms, to cut tomatoes circles, onions and pepper - straws. Everything to lay out layers as it should be potatoes - mushrooms - a cucumber - tomato - pepper - onions. To fill with vegetable oil and lemon juice. Salad will look very beautifully if to serve it in wine glasses. By the way, such dish will become remarkable decoration of a lenten menu.

" cocktail; Vitamin Polstakan`s

of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of grapefruit juice, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. To add a glass with mineral water. This cocktail promotes to burning fat also saturates an organism with vitamins.

1/4 of a glass of beet juice to mix one more very useful cocktail about 3/4 glasses of carrot juice. This drink tones up, loads with energy and improves digestion. Carrots, by the way contain vitamins B, C, D, E, not to mention carotene. And still it is very rich with minerals - potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and manganese.

For the sweet teeth watching over health

mix dried apricots, prunes, raisin, pounded walnuts in equal quantities. Fill in all with liquid honey. Let`s be drawn days. There is such dish it is possible on slightly - slightly, as a dessert. There is enough 2 - x tablespoons in day. This dish promotes improvement of work of heart and vessels, prevention of catarrhal diseases.

Generally, it is not so difficult to keep excellent mood and good health in the spring. It is necessary to eat just properly and to smile more often!