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Who needs serious animated films?

Now big distribution was gained by animated films from the " series; for adults . But whether adults should watch them? And if not the adult, then to whom?

In general, the main part of such animated films according to the contents really does not suit children. Such animated films, in my opinion, will not seem to adults interesting.

But as well as from any rule, here too there are exceptions. Such I saw at least two. These are animated films Simpsona and Griffina .

At first about Simpsonakh. I would recommend this animated film to everyone. In the center of events the ordinary family day by day facing ordinary problems acts here.

But shortage of money, problems at work and family disorders do not prevent heroes to remain happy in any way. They have a main thing that gives them strength, desire to live is a love. Each family member Simpsonov has an opportunity to freely develop, look for himself. Therefore all characters very different. But they have one general - it is a family which connects them to which they are obliged by the happiness.

My favourite hero from Simpsonov - of course, Homer. It is necessary to fall in love with it for that kindness, sincerity, naivety which it in itself(himself) keeps. Homer not the exemplary father or the husband, and prefers to walk with children the TV and beer. But for the sake of the family it is ready for everything! Homer is never afraid to go forward, always follows the dream, from - for what quite often gets into scrapes. He is not rich, but is held in respect among friends and always acts as the leader.

He is ready to fight for any desire of the children, thereby letting them know that in life of everything it is possible to achieve. Homer Simpson teaches us to remain despite everything good people and always to be faithful to the dream. But whether the most important is it in life?

Except everything told, Simpsona - very ridiculous animated film, here continually it is possible to meet an excellent joke, and life of heroes is represented in a ridiculous, ironic form. So anyway the good mood is guaranteed to you against viewing of this animated film.

Now we will talk about Griffinakh . I had to look at many series of this animated film to manage to estimate adequately it. It because Griffina - the parody on Simpsonov . At least, so I thought in the beginning. Idea Griffinov only confirms these words. Here too family, too problems, though the animated film more gloomy. Of course, to compare Griffinov with Simpsonami there is no sense, but It is necessary to tell about them nevertheless.

This animated film will suit narrower circle of the viewers, though in this case it will be pleasant not to all. But, despite everything, it nevertheless has pair of advantages. For example, humour. In Griffinakh the humour more stupid, sometimes reaches to the point of absurdity, but the main thing - works. Just as fits of laughter cover us when viewing stupid American comedies, the family Grifinov the tricks arrests the viewer to the screen too.

Putting end, I will tell that Simpsona and Griffina - animated films which should be watched.

If you watch animated cartoons, then smile and never forget that all of us have to remain all life a little bit children.