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As how celebrate in the USA? Part second

the Most popular American holiday after Christmas - absolutely special, Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day. He is marked out on the fourth Thursday of November, and the country has small vacation - Friday also is non-working, plus Saturday and Sunday.

At this holiday nearly 400 - summer history, for the first time it was celebrated in 1621 by the English immigrants - the puritans living in the Plymouth colony. The last winter was very heavy and hungry, new promised not smaller tests. Then the governor William Bradford to lift spirit of colonists, decided to organize the Gratitude holiday together with neighbors - Indians from the tribe Vampoang thanks to whose help settlers survived in the first hungry winter. On a legend, on the first holiday colonists and Indians fried and in common ate four turkeys. Though the version about turkeys is not documented, nevertheless from the middle of the 19th century a turkey and Thanksgiving Day became synonyms. According to the Ministry of Agriculture on Thanksgiving Day Americans eat more than 45 million turkeys!

The national holiday Thanksgiving Day became in 1789, after the relevant decree of the first president of the country George Washington, and the official status got in 1863. By tradition, this day all family members surely have to descend in church, and after that gather at the holiday table, as a rule, in the house of parents or senior family members. As well as before Christmas, charity blossoms: Americans try to feed and to somehow please those who were not lucky in life. Even at metro stations in the large cities special tables on which everyone can put the donations including products are established. Attract to actions of charity also school students and students who with pleasure carry out a role of volunteers on collecting things and products. On the eve of a holiday the charitable organizations distribute to persons in need collected gifts, for the homeless will organize lunches.

At the official Thanksgiving Day level it is celebrated by traditional parades, processions and theatrical representations. Participants of parades and processions act in clothes of the 17th century and Indian suits that gives special beauty. In the XX century the new tradition appeared - on Thanksgiving Day at stadiums play the American soccer.

The " festival is widely known; Mardi Gras annually carried out in New Orleans, the State of Louisiana. Mardi Gras in translation from French - fat Tuesday . The State of Louisiana once became populated by natives of France, and there are a lot of cities with the French names. Mardi Gras is carried out at the end of winter, in February or the beginning of March, before the Lent, corresponds to Christian Maslenitsa. For inhabitants of New Orleans and tourists who come to a festival much it is an opportunity to enjoy a show of an extravagant winter holiday and to have fun in plenty. Mardi Gras is numerous parades which will be organized by special carnival clubs Krews for example, Bakhus`s parade, or Indian parade. These are colourful processions with participation the jazz - bands, balls and competitions. Even a competition on the best undressing is held. In a word, people it is delayed at full scale!

It is interesting that at some schools in same it is a high time hold children`s festivals and carnivals in honor of Mardi Gras. I visited one such action at elementary school - Elementary school and very much it was pleasant to me. The holiday prepared in advance, in classes produced different hand-made articles - homemade products, painted plates, drew. Transferred to parents in three weeks prior to action on leaves the full program of a holiday, and the list of what everyone needs to make for the aid to school. In day of a holiday in a shkolya corridor in the hall the big exhibition of everything was issued that was made by children, products could be bought for purely symbolical payment. Many children came in carnival hats or suits, some children painted to themselves faces directly during the holiday. In the yard of school it was arranged in advance ordered the Moon - park with various attractions, trampolines, inflatable hills. Of course, attractions were paid, but the cost of tickets minimum. Music played, competitions, a lottery, etc. were held. In school cafe different sweets and snek were on sale. Such actions always very much are pleasant to children! The boy (the Russian, second year in the USA) whom I accompanied instead of mother was delighted.

And here the spring holiday of Easter which was so esteemed in Russia is celebrated in the USA not so magnificently as Christmas. However, from Good Friday the Congress of the USA goes on Easter holiday which officially is called spring. The Stock exchange does not work. At some schools children have a rest 4 days, from Friday to Tuesday. Catering establishments, as a rule, do not work either the first half, or all day of Easter Sunday. But no special jewelry near houses by this day is exposed, only which - where on bushes and trees plastic color eggs are hanged out. At Americans Easter symbol for some reason is the hare therefore in shops the great number of the most various hares from any material including chocolate is on sale. Also sell different baskets with an artificial grass in which stack for consecration of egg and easter Easter cakes. In many respects the holiday of Easter is celebrated according to traditions of these or those religious Christian faiths to which the population adheres.

It is known that the USA - the country been born from the English colonies. Inhabitants of 13 British colonies located on east coast along the Atlantic Ocean, over a year waged war with the English king and parliament for the independence. Colonists achieved in this war of a victory! On July 4, 1776 representatives of all 13 colonies in the building of city meeting of the city of Philadelphia (State of Pennsylvania) signed the Declaration of Independence. For the first time in this document of a colony were called as the United States of America, the state, independent of Britain. Therefore on July 4 became an official holiday - the Independence Day, birthday of the United States.

The original of the Declaration of Independence is considered the state property and is stored in National archive in Washington in the container filled with inert gas from a bullet-proof glass. In the afternoon the document is exposed on a public inspection in the archive hall for visitors, falls to the special protected basement at night.

On the Independence holiday visitors of archive and tourists are addressed by the actors dressed in the camisoles and hats 18 of a century which are loudly reading the text of the Declaration. The main event of a holiday - parade - takes place at midday in Washington. In other cities there take place festivities, fireworks are arranged. And by tradition Americans hang out national flag of the USA on the houses.

And some more words there is a wish to tell absolutely about an unusual holiday of the USA - the Groundhog Day. This day, on February 2, is celebrated 120 years! Most widely he is marked out in the State of Pennsylvania, in the small town of Panksatauni. Determine by behavior of a groundhog when the spring comes. It is considered that if on February 2 the groundhog gets out of a mink and will see the shadow, he climbs to sleep back in a hole. Then it is necessary to expect 6 more frosty weeks. But if day cloudy, and the groundhog does not see the shadow, it does not come back to hibernation any more, so there will come the early spring. In 1993 movie theaters the movie of the director Harold Remis " came out; Groundhog Day thanks to which the whole world knew of such amusing holiday.

So, misters, think out to yourself as much as possible holidays, cheerful and different, and celebrate! Good luck to you!