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How not to be ill? (Part fourth) of

the Following five rules I give everything at once.

6. Love the nature surrounding you. Be not spat around and do not spit out from yourself anything. Get used to it: this your health.

7. Greet all anywhere and everywhere, especially people of advanced age. You want to have at yourself health - greet all.

8. Help people, than you can, especially poor, to the patient offended, needing. Do it with pleasure. Respond for its need soul and heart. You will get in it the friend and will help a cause of peace!

9. Win yourself against greed, laziness, complacency, money-making, fear, hypocrisy, pride. Trust people and love them. Do not speak about them unfairly and do not take very much to heart bad opinions on them.

10. Release the the head from thoughts of diseases, indispositions, death. It is your victory!

The words stating moral laws prisoners in these councils, apparently, are jammed to holes. They sound since creation of the world and up to now, in different languages, in precepts of different religions, in councils of ancient wise men and modern analysts and psychologists. All the history the mankind in general and each person separately argues as it is correct to understand these laws as it is correct to state them in what limits it is possible to break them whether to execute them separately or in general whether it is necessary and who has to punish for non-execution and so on and so on.

These laws are given to the person together with reason and conscience not in words. To the nature absolutely all the same, what words and in what language they are stated. You can argue as much as necessary as it is correct to understand them. But without implementation of moral laws of people it cannot be healthy and happy. All of us, of course, know it, we feel more true, especially, when all of us remain in silence alone with the conscience. And in day turmoil, crushed by us the thought-up problems, clamped by social conditionality, we begin to doubt, we do not trust, we follow the tastes terrestrial desires and we are ill, we are ill, we are ill …

For the certain person here and now it is not obvious at all that the one who spits on the earth will be ill. And, it seems, absolutely not necessarily in natural cataclysm those who did not greet people around perish. What to do to the weak, sick got confused person? How to understand how it is necessary to arrive otherwise? Let`s try to take small practical steps. Let`s not speak about ecology, love to the nature and so on. Just let`s not spit around. Never. Under no circumstances. Let`s not think out the speech about love to people, we will just greet all. With group of teenagers that hang out at an entrance. With grandmothers that sit on a shop in front of the house. With all. Let`s try to speak to anybody never: Do not do that - that, and that you will get sick because we will have also no thought of an illness, an indisposition.

The system does not give answers to your specific questions. Its value in another. She specifies to you the direction, develops you. And even this turn yields such results which seem wonderful. And generally it is a way on which you learn to feel, you receive health, clarity of reason and force for decision-making.

Wash to you council. It is worth trying! To try to execute all councils which you understood and which at the moment in your forces.

11. Do not separate Thought from business. Read - well. But most important - DO!

12. Tell and pass on experience of this business, but be not praised and not tower in it. Be modest.

There now and everything, dear friends, it was necessary to tell still what you also already guessed. The author of this system is Ivanov Porfiry Korneevich . The most ordinary Russian person who asked himself a question once: How to the person to live without being ill? . And honestly checked each word in the recommendations the life repeatedly within fifty years. It Is called Child according to the first phrase with which he addressed people. The Child, you are full of desire to bring benefit to all Soviet people building communism. For this purpose try to be healthy, accept from me several councils … .

of Health to you good. If you become interested and want to write to me, with pleasure I will answer.