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What do we think of French?

to avoid charges of not validity of my ethnopsychological researches, I emphasize: I do not apply for objectivity at all, and I only want to show how we, Russians, see French. The facts are got from talk with eyewitnesses (the Russian friends who are in France) and own impressions of communication with representatives of these people. So, went.

The first hang-up French - neglect to other nationalities. In a pursuit of the originality French do not learn foreign languages, are not interested in foreign cultures, generally - are aloof. From here - pride of the history and tender care of the historical past of the country. In the French province of sights it is hardly no more, than in large megalopolises: country villages are actively restored according to their original state.

French are true epicureans. Life has to bring joy in all its manifestations. Therefore French not really like to work: are inclined to delay and frequent coffee breaks. And in general - regardless of day of week and time of day the silence and rest reigns everywhere. I do not speak, of course, about Paris teeming with tourists.

French are big fops. On shelves there have to be exclusive books, to hang on walls pictures of the famous artists, and in musical collections - great works.

The Frenchman - the prisoner in own house. Issues where it is possible to prove to be are simply necessary for it. At all it is optional to look at others, rather just to talk to others much.

French - vinolyuba and wine makers. If we drink wine on holidays, then for them wine - instead of our compote for lunch. At the same time vinoraspity at French is not associated with alcoholism in any way.

Now about to la`s shersha to fa . The true Frenchman will not fail to seduce the woman. And any means are in this case good. The tempted woman - the same honor for the Frenchman, as a scalp for the Indian.

Despite all the laziness, do not feed French with bread, let`s dream up. Any experiments and innovations - their path. The Imagination rules the world - Napoleon told once. If to speak psychological language, then they are interested rather in a process, than result. They need to be that is called on the roll. Not for nothing fashion week passes in France. And has to be fashionable not only clothes, but also equipment, books, movies, and even speech expressions (see above about fops).

Undoubtedly, French are big snobs. But some very refined, tasty if you want. The tiny piece of food will keep within long on a plate, to be decorated with greens, to pour down figurno sauce in order that the whole two minutes it was extremely pleasant to be eaten.

If to speak shortly, then the true Frenchman - the person of contradictions. The aspiration to experiments and innovations is combined with love to traditions. Laziness perfectly gets on with a household obustroyennost and technical progress. And love to fashion - with a devil-may-care attitude to an ezhednevnomuvneshny look. That`s all. Finita la comedy, as they say.

P. S. French think of us much worse, than we of them. Russia for them - the terrible country. Though if to understand, for example, unemployment rate France not below, than at us.