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As how celebrate in the USA? Part one of

All of us love holidays! To the Russian there would be an occasion, and the holiday can always be thought up. Probably, in one country there is no such huge number of non-working holidays, as in Russia. And how the situation in the USA, in the country at which we like to look back in any occasion is?

In the United States many festive dates during which public institutions do not work are celebrated, banks, mail, many firms and the enterprises, even shops, and each staff in the territory define days of rest. But some holidays entered by the Federal government note over all country. Such federal holidays and celebrations, with the days off, only 10. As well as at us if the festive days off fall on Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday “ it is extended “ or at the expense of the previous Friday, or the next Monday.

Have strictly fixed date: Christmas - on December 25, New year - on January 1, National day of Martin Luther King - on January 15 (in some states - 3 - y Monday of January), Day of Presidents on February-19, the Independence Day - on July 4. Other federal holidays with the days off - Memorial day - Day of memory, mark out last Monday of May, the Labor Day - on the first Monday of September, Day Columbus - the second Monday of October, Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day) - on the fourth Thursday of November. Good Friday before a holiday of Easter is considered the day off in 10 states, and in the others - only the second half of this day.

Other holidays which are not reflected in the working schedule in any way, but nevertheless are widely celebrated in the majority of states - it is the Groundhog Day on February 2, St. Valentine`s Day - Valentine’s Day - on February 14, the St. Patrick`s Day on March 17 (it Americans of the Irish origin very widely celebrate), Day of Veterans on November 11, a drevonasazhdeniye Holiday on April 27, Day of Mothers in May and Day of Fathers in June, Day of grandmothers and grandfathers (Grandparent’s Day) on the fourth Sunday of July, and, of course, Halloween - (Halloween) - the eve of All Saints` Day, on October 31. On November 1 the Catholic church celebrates All Saints` Day, and on November 2 - as commemoration of all deceased. There are both other significant events and dates which note only in some states.

For example, in the city of Memphis, the State of Tennessee, passes on August 16 traditional Day of memory of Elvis Presley, actor, singer and karateka. Annually by August 10 thousands of people gather in Memphis for a week of memory of Elvis during which a lot of the most various events are held. The most, perhaps, main thing - three-day karate tournament which is held since 1983. On it there come as instructors, guests of honor and judges the great champions knowing Elvis personally. And on August 16, in day of death of the singer, they award to winners memorable prizes with his initials. For a week of memory the huge number of disks with records of songs of Elvis Presley is on sale here.

Of course, the brightest and most esteemed in the USA holiday is Christmas! Each my arrival to the States fell on late fall or the beginning of winter, and I was the witness of Christmas holidays. Since 1870 Jesus Christ`s Christmas on the USA is not only church, but also federal holiday. By the way, by results of poll by the service Gallup held in 2005, 27% of Americans gave preference to Thanksgiving Day, and 63% called the most favourite holiday Christmas. Preparation for it begins more than in a month. Almost right after the end of sale of suits, masks and other attributes for Halloween on counters of supermarkets there are Christmas goods. And after Thanksgiving Day, since the end of November, all trade is directed to sale of various Christmas and Christmas decorations, souvenirs, gifts, etc. Huge fir-tree markets where it is possible to buy fir-trees for every taste both a purse - natural and synthetic work. This time of the biggest sales and discounts. Shops are full of buyers, gifts to the family and friends are got.

Many Americans do charity work during this period, transfer money to accounts of hospitals, shelters, nursing homes. Some companies allocate to the employees “ Christmas bonuses “ in the form of a cash bonus or special “ gift " cards; (gift cards) on which it is possible to get something in a certain shop or to descend in restaurant.

The huge number of Christmas trees - at any office, in shops, in cafe, schools, in hairdressing salons, etc. is decorated. Owners of houses try to decorate more brightly and more originally the platform in front of the house. On an entrance door the wreath from fir-tree branches (often artificial) with a wish " fastens; Merry Christmas! “ On lawns arrange the whole compositions on the baby Jesus`s birth: here and a cave with the maiden Maria and Iosif, the baby in a day nursery on hay, lambs, shepherds, etc. And thousands of multi-colored fires - garlands are twisted all trunks of trees, bushes, pediments of roofs, by means of columns and different devices construct the whole fantastic gardens from garlands. With nightfall all this brightly shines and is poured, creating a unique show. Even competitions between certain areas or settlements on the brightest illumination are held. In a zoo of the city of Cincinnati in honor of Christmas the real festival of fires which lasts about a month is held and collects daily huge number of visitors. Here it is possible to see the huge figures of various animals created from electric garlands, even such prehistoric as dinosaurs. And every evening grandiose fireworks are arranged.

Each firm or the company will organize for the employees a Christmas party - “ " party; at any expensive restaurant. The invitation card is given on two persons. On form and content these “ " party; almost do not differ from our corporate evenings, the main difference - alcohol abuses nobody. These parties take place, as a rule, in the first half of December as is closer to Christmas many Americans try to receive holiday and go to relatives, or just to small travel. On December 25 Americans spend Christmas at home with the family and close relatives. Day for 2 - 3 under a fir-tree put numerous gifts, and in Christmas night also Santa - Claus brings gifts to children. Children for Santa leave about a fir-tree different delicacies - chocolates, cookies - in case he will be hungry. Traditionally prepare a turkey and ham for a Christmas table.

And on Christmas on the USA no cafes, shops, offices work, without speaking about the enterprises and firms. On December 24 last year we arrived to St. Petersburg that in Florida, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. In hotel the administrator warned at once us that we provided ourselves with food and drink for all next day as shops and all cafes - restaurants will be closed, and 24 - go all of them worked according to the shortened schedule, till 16 - 17 o`clock. However, 25 - go, on Christmas when we got over on 70 miles to the south, on Sarasota, after 18 o`clock in the evening several small cafes which were at once completely filled by visitors opened.

About other holidays - in the second part of article. To be continued!