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How to save the purse from the pickpocket?

Think, you agree that most often the victims of pickpockets we become from - for the nonsense and a carelessness. Though mother and the father since the childhood learn: be attentive, do not leave a bag open, do not put money in this pocket... . And we are : yes, yes, it is obligatory... . But as often we turn to all this a deaf ear, and, having left the house, right there we forget, and even we do everything on the contrary. Probably, if listened, then would be less subject to thefts though however, from it nobody is insured. Because we are residents of the cities and megalopolises - constantly we appear in zones of a numerous congestion of people, and it is not possible to see behind all, unfortunately. Ah... if we possessed supernatural sight... Sorry, left from a subject.

Profession pickpocket arose long ago. It is possible to tell that as soon as money appeared, right there were fans easy mark namely, pickpockets. At the beginning of the 20th century pickpockets were considered as the highest aristocracy of underworld. They say that to become the pickpocket extra - the class is impossible that they need to be born, to be a pickpocket, it is necessary to possess uncommon data - instant reaction, sensitive flexible fingers and in general hands, composure, certain actor`s abilities. It is a typical portrait of the pickpocket .

Recently read that at the beginning of the last century in England and in France there were special schools training pickpockets! No, you represent if everywhere begin to open such schools for future murderers, tyrants What then will be with our world?! At the schools stated above there was the system. At first pupils were trained on dummies, at the second stage - on companions. And if the pupil with success robs the teacher at the third stage, then certificates were issued. The mode was strict, disobedient persons were subjected even to beating.

In spite of the fact that outside the 21st century, pickpockets act with the same methods, as their ancestors. For example, your pocket or a bag can be covered with a jacket or the raincoat thrown through a hand. It is especially widespread in transport or when it is close. While the hand under a raincoat cleans your pocket, another distracts attention (waves the newspaper, for example). Often bags cut the razor or the ground coin, sometimes a ring with the pointed edge. Thus, your purse drops out. In the same ways cut off a bottom at packages.

As the extensive field for work of pickpockets (or groups) - transport, and also places of a big congestion of the people - market squares, city holidays and other was already told earlier. While one distract, others gather pockets and bags.

Yes, it is necessary to struggle with such here people, but how?

For a start, be attentive .

to make secure , you do not store all valuable in a wallet . Otherwise, if you clean, you will lose not only money, but also documents on which recovery a lot of time will leave.

If you gather where - or behind purchases, take with yourself only that sum which you plan to spend . I want to remind only that now the system of payment according to the clearing settlement or credit cards is very developed. If steal a card, then you will be able always to restore it, immediately to report the main thing in bank about theft.

If you need to take with yourself the large sum, do not put all money in one purse or a pocket. Also do not forget that external pockets attract robbers as magnets! Valuable closer, as they say, to a body is better to hold all to feel.

If you go on the market, then you hold a purse in hand, but not on a look , and do not show to all contents when you pay off. Thereby you will save the money from potential thieves.

In transport it is necessary to be the most careful. We are in the habit to reflect during a trip, to plan something, not to pay to anybody attention, especially if we come back home, after the unlucky working day. That`s it such us, thoughtful, and will shake out with giblets !

Recently more purses steal mobile phones . So that do not brag better in populous places of the supernovelty, otherwise it will be not yours! You keep the mobile phone either in hands, or in inside pockets.

Yes, absolutely forgot, our favourite supermarkets. Do not put the bags and purses in the cart for products. You will be distracted, and all look for, whistle!

If all - your vigilance deceived, at once address to militia. The quicker, the it is more probable to return a stolen property. I wish you good luck!