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How not to be ill? (Part third) of

the Rule third sounds so. Do not take alcohol and do not smoke.

is short and categorical, without compromises. Personally I absolutely agree with it. I think also you, dear readers agree as soon as, having begun to carry out rules the first and second, you find a lucidity of mind and force to work. And we already agreed about the hardness of the made decision. You resolved not to be ill, and moreover, to recover yourself the lost health. Many object about it: and scientists supposedly advise reasonably, and Christ somehow there turned water into wine... Once again - NO. Maybe the person became not that, lost intuitive knowledge. Maybe time became another, information accelerated and condensed dayushchiyasya to the person. Anyway, to become healthy and happy, fog from alcohol and a smoke to us absolutely to anything.

Fourth rule. Try at least once in a week to do completely without food and &ndash water; from 18 - 20 o`clock Fridays till 12 o`clock Sundays. These are your merits and rest. If it is difficult for you, then hold on at least days. Many read

about medical starvation, about positive impact of hunger on sick human organs. Now about it the set, scientific and scientifically - popular literature is written. At all recommendations there is always a remark on need to consult to the attending physician. And it is correct. Having remained alone with itself, not occupied with processing of external food, the organism lifts the reserves. For this purpose it should process deposits of slags, to burn them, to bring waste out of an organism. Externally it looks as temperature increase, nausea, vomiting, a fever, a headache, nervous excitement. The unprepared person, having begun to starve, can transfer all this rather hard.

The system suggests not to eat and not to drink forty two hours on Saturday. And it is not just someone`s fiction. It precisely, about one minute the verified time, the safest for each person. Regular implementation of this rule, of course, together with the first three, will allow to clear shortly an organism of slags, to adjust digestion. Certainly, having begun to be engaged, you will feel dizziness, weakness, nausea too. But believe experience of very many people of all age categories, these symptoms arise at the beginning, and gradually pass. And, above all - there passes the fear which was postponed in us for many years. You will need time that to get rid of it. Distract, do favorite thing, go to the nature with children or to a zoo. Be engaged in easy pleasant work at the dacha. Postpone showdowns with relatives and acquaintances. Saturday - your day, day of work of your organism on clarification and treatment of. You have to understand importance of this process and help the organism. Have a shower bath once again, make respiratory gymnastics, listen to pleasant music. In system this time not this time of patience without food and water is called hunger.

But here at you it turned out! You bore! And now it is necessary to arrange a holiday! Rule fifth. At 12 o`clock in the afternoon Sundays come to the nature barefoot and several times breathe and think as it is written above. It holiday of your business. After that you can eat everything that is pleasant to you.

I here, dear friends, each word is verified on experience of many people. We forgot prayers which our ancestors before meal prayed. We chew sandwiches, without coming off the computer or a car wheel. We do not feel taste of food which we throw to ourselves in a stomach because eternally we hurry. But at 12 o`clock in the afternoon on Sunday everything has to be differently. Having endured on Saturday without food and water. You will feel how you aggravated sense of smell. The ordinary porridge which is slightly flavored with butter smells unusually delicious! The Cottage cheese watered with the &ndash sour cream; such attractive in appearance! And the vegetables which are laid up specially by this time, - same paradise pleasure! However that it I, you can eat everything that is pleasant to you . Only surely record, prolong, realize the pleasure: At 12 o`clock in the afternoon Sundays come to the nature barefoot and several times breathe and think as it is written above . It holiday of your business!

I expect objections which you are ready to bring down for me. It is necessary to Leave hunger as much how many to enter it. To begin to eat so and so is necessary. It is necessary to drink so - and so-. And so on … . Stop, feet, dear friends! 42 hours on Saturday - it not medical starvation which needs to be carried out under supervision of the doctor and, of course, to implement at the same time all his recommendations. It only the PATIENCE available to any conscious person, at any age. Also it is directed to that an easy shake-up to show to an organism gravity of your intentions on the way of improvement, and to you an opportunity to hear, feel his answer: Well, buddy, I for such work need so and so . Well, something like it. All previous rules also are directed to it, by and large. To restore, and to remember more true the lost ability to feel the organism and to learn reasonably to use this ability - here task of the modern person. Without it it is impossible to be healthy now!