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Than we are surprised by Japan? Part 1. Transport of

Ya spent four months in Japan, and all this time did not cease to be surprised as far as all in a different way in this amazing and mysterious Land of the rising sun. The format of article does not allow to contain everything that surprised me during stay on the Japanese islands therefore I will be limited only to some supervision concerning transport.

In - the first, cars move on the contrary, that is on the left side of the road that first causes bewilderment. When crossing the road the head persistently turns at first on the left, and then to the right (as at school learned). And only after two months of life in Japan I developed a reflex to look at first to the right, and then on the left (that disturbed subsequently me when homecoming).

In - the second, a huge number of cyclists. On two wheels people of all age - children, teenagers, guys, girls, women with shopping bags, men in expensive suits, pensioners move. I swear if I in the hometown saw the grandmother or the grandfather by bicycle, would think that the sun baked to me the head, as became the reason of hallucinations!

First I terribly was afraid of bicycle calls, audible from everywhere. It seemed to me that I and the driver of two-wheeled transport we will not miss each other on a narrow sidewalk path, and accident not to avoid. I walked the streets in wild tension not to pass any signal of the cyclist. But after one or two months I so got used to the bicycles which are scurrying about around that I just ceased to notice them.

In - the third, traffic lights. As my girlfriend who has me speaks, actually, and was visiting: Until you wait for green, you will manage to give rise . If, being going to cross the road, you see a green signal of the traffic light even if it already blinks, go! It will blink at least half-minute more. And then the general will light up red both for cars, and for pedestrians, and at you will be even seconds 20 - 30 on crossing of the road.

If you miss this opportunity, it is necessary to wait green long again. Several minutes under the scorching sun near the heated cars seem eternity. I decided to read silently verses to kill time. Also it appeared, during switching of the traffic light it is possible to recite many works with expression!

On the second month of stay in Japan I bought a new MP3 - a player which became responsible for not really pleasant history once. Somehow I went on the small street with one-way traffic. Sidewalks - a rarity on small streets, people go directly on the carriageway. I began to cross the street, and here saw that some guy who is meeting halfway waves to me a hand. Then, even through earphones, I heard squeal of brakes behind the back and turned back. The car stood approximately in twenty centimeters from me, and the frightened driver drove.

Here reached me that occurs. It appeared, I just mixed the direction of the movement. The street was desert, and I was sure that if on it and the car appears, then it will go to me towards. Probably, the driver signaled to me in a back, but unsuccessfully. I removed earphones and uttered indistinctly in Japanese: Forgive preparing that now squall of fair curses and charges in that situation will fall upon me. It is good that I do not know the Japanese curses and I will understand nothing - rushed in my head.

The driver discovered glass and is sympathizing asked You as it should be? . Surprised, I answered that with me everything is good, and it is a pity to me, and showed on earphones. The Japanese smiled and told: The Main thing that is with you everything is all right. And that I so for you was frightened. Went at great speed, thought, I will give a signal, and you will depart, hardly managed to slow down. Excuse . I was shocked. In my hometown of motorists not always stops red color of the traffic light, and here to me apologize for the fact that I, having closed ears, go on the carriageway and I do not hear a signal!

Huy - blow - one more indicator of the order reigning in this country. On one strip trucks and buses, on another - cars move. If you do not wish to speed at 150 - 200 km/h - in the front page! A huge number of cars on the highway do not interfere with each other because all know rules, and nobody is going to break them.

Bus-stops and railway stations - what especially surprised me. People get in a queue! Nobody storms a door, breaks forward, all come into salon in turn. Of course, first I did not know about this rule, but nobody reproached me and sent to the end of turn. Foreigner - for certain Japanese thought, and quietly came into the bus according to sequence.

Japan - the amazing country, and, having visited there once, many dream to return.