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How to gather in a single campaign?

Campaigns can be group or single. Today we will talk about features of preparation of a single campaign, generally about personal equipment of the tourist - singles.

During the spring (autumn) period.

Clothes. the Training suit, a cowboy shirt from fine and dense fabric, a tarpaulin for protection against wind, one - two sweaters. In cool weather - a quilted jacket or a warm jacket with a hood, a cape from polyethylene, a knitted hat, an easy scarf and gloves, two - three pairs of socks, including woolen. For lodgings for the night - a sleeping bag or a blanket and a heat-insulating rug.

Footwear. On a halt slippers or gym shoes, especially, are convenient if as the main footwear serve gumboots. As practice showed, for walking in gumboots also the habit is necessary, and in sneakers you should not go to a campaign. Why? Yes because it city the footwear, and is better to travel in it around the city. For a campaign use boots of a military sample with the thick pro-thinned-out sole and high berets, it is obligatory on laces. As laces it is better to use a kapron cord: it is not torn, and the ends, zaplavlenny over a candle, well enter lacing openings.

If you incidentally stumble, then, being in sneakers, you get at best stretching, in the worst - a change. For a single campaign - very big trouble. In the same situation in army boots nothing threatens you, including casual meetings with venomous snakes: they will bite offender i.e., your boot. You will be protected also from pincers. These are very unpleasant children . But you correctly put shoes on and did not forget to fill trousers in boots? In campaigns there can be different unforeseen situations therefore good laces are sometimes very necessary, unlike any flypapers .

During the summer period.

Clothes. During the summer period clothes, trousers have to be from dense matter. The baize or fabric with a pile is undesirable: the clothes from such material heavy, quickly become wet, long dry. It is important that trousers did not hinder the movements when walking. It is recommended behind and on a lap trousers to sew waterproof slips, in trouser-legs to sew from below to knees lightnings that if necessary it is possible, without being undressed, to take off trousers. For hot time it is possible shorts, a swimwear. As a headdress the easy light hat with a peak to which behind to sew small gauze bed curtains for protection against the sun is suitable.

On a case of bad weather the waterproof cape which will cover the tourist and his backpack from a rain is necessary. Socks the soft and well fitting leg that folds were not formed. Before an exit to a route to sew on heels and fingers woolen socks of a patch from an old kapron stocking or a footsy - socks will serve longer. If you feel that during walking the sock rubs a leg, just change clothes of this sock inside out, it is checked - helps nine times out of ten.

Footwear. For travel as the most convenient are considered tourist boots on the pro-thinned-out sole. Boots have to be so spacious that it was possible to enclose an additional insole in them and to put on a thick sock a leg, and at the tightened lacing they fitted an ankle joint tightly. As spare footwear it is possible to take sneakers.

Equipment (options are possible):

the Backpack, a sleeping bag (blanket), a heat-insulating rug, spare laces, a polyethylene cape from a rain, sunglasses in a case, a notebook and a pencil, a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a penknife, sanitary products, the first-aid kit, a compass, polyethylene sacks for packing of personal equipment and products.

A flask for drinking water. Better - from a stainless steel, with the screwing-up stopper on a chain which has rubber laying. It is desirable to fit a flask heavy shinelny cloth, to sew to it loops or to make special cuts to carry on a belt. In hot weather cloth can be wetted, then water will longer not heat up.

Pieces of rosin and small, to 1 meter, a delay. For many tourists it can be a remarkable innovation. Why in a campaign rosin? And can take a soldering iron also? The secret is very simple! There is no more effective remedy from mosquitoes and midges on a halt. It is applied so: we take an empty can and we punch a sharp object (knife) several small openings in a bottom and two - in walls, by means of a delay we do similarity of a small bucket. In bank we load coals from a fire, approximately half-banks, we put several pieces of rosin on coals. All this design begins to smoke plentifully. The person usually easily transfers this smoke, and here the komarye scatters in different directions. You need to sit in open place against wind (the shrouded smoke to be optional). In tent just suspend the device at an entrance.

Correctly picked up set of equipment should not weigh more than 6 - 8 kg.

Gathered? Well, then went! As!? You want quicker? Well, then ran!

Successful to you campaigns, also take care.