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How competently to move in races?

If you are an honest businessman, then have to be ready that you - in to " risk group; and you need in advance to develop the correct plan withdrawal or defenses . Even do not hope, to attack it is not necessary to you... Not that country was called Honduras!

As people gets ? Differently, there is a lot of situations...

In any crisis situation there are two behavior models - it is when it is better to stand still and when it is better to depart . With the first everything is clear: you stay at home, wait: where something will turn up... Look for protection since you still have also a family, think of it. We will consider the second, more live and filled with events - withdrawal, can call to move in races . It is better if you are lonely. It is alone easier to make decisions, it is safer to move.

When the situation has no fast decision, urgently sell everything that you will be in time and you will not be able to take with yourself. The approximate volume of property on which you can count in dangerous to your life, freedom and health of a situation should not exceed the volume which will be located in the " minibus; Gazelle or it is less, all the rest - cash and documents.

Do not leave, and destroy better, notebooks, notebooks. These artifacts will be so studied that even the inexperienced psychologist will count your trajectory on time .

Get rid of all digital that belongs to systems of payments and communications. - to cash money from credit cards and accounts. - the card - to throw out SIM! Phone - to sell since you will be found with an accuracy of 100 meters if not according to number, so on phone IMEI code. You do not call on old communications.

Choice of the place. It is better if you thought of it in advance. Quite the rental apartment with phone will approach. The city has to be the stranger in whom you have no friends, relatives, partners in business. The opinion is wrong that in the large cities it is simpler to get lost and that it is necessary to leave far. It`s not true. Choose the city located in a radius of 150 - 200 kilometers from yours with the population of 300 - 500 thousand.

When all collecting is finished, and it has to happen to the maximum speed - a two-three of days, quickly order on the payphone of a private trader with the minibus, you are quickly loaded and leave. From this point your task number one - to cross a post of traffic police on departure from the city. You do not fuss, you you go to the country, you carry things on the dacha or to the village .

In others city. If is where to stop - well. If is not present - grandmothers from the station square will rescue. Any hotels!

When you will settle reliably (phone - surely!) start adaptation. With climate - an order - you are nearby. You have to are interested first of all such things as geography city and vicinities. It is necessary to learn well the quarter and the area in which you stopped. You walk on the market, on shops, just in crowded places. Listen to a local dialect, a slang, accents, a pronunciation of names, pseudo-names (at youth in Kerch, for example, cafe - toshnilovka the motorcycle - chilita ) .

With the area dealt, now we expand geography, we study the city and its main roads. It is an important point. For this purpose we take the newspaper of free announcements and we get a job in private confectionery shop the forwarding agent. Trumps all on hands: few weeks you are carried the whole day free of charge on all city, on shops, cafe, points. Just you look and remember. In two weeks you will feel as houses. Leave.

Money. Sooner or later, but your stocks will run low... Look for available work, you will feel differently, to put it mildly, uncomfortably. So, newspaper, phone, choice. Optimum - at a private trader without registration, but locally that it is less to shine since you can and be shown on the TV: a question of weight fallen to you press .

We will sum up. you have no Past now, the future can not be, only the present. Solve question of documents - issue marriage in some Village Council, replace a surname... It is the most difficult and dangerous question, it is necessary to solve it carefully and very competently.

It is very good if on you criminal case is not opened. On heavy to articles will not lag behind you long, on not heavy the limitation period expires in two years if do not catch before, then business will be closed. In the hometown people will forget you years through five, and this city yours now. Now it is your life. Forever...

And little advice. Never come back there where once were already happy.

Good luck to you in life and business.