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What is a syndrome of nervous exhaustion and as fight against it in the 21st century?

According to Gibson development of technologies and abundance of information generated SNI or a syndrome of nervous exhaustion. And there are no effective drugs for it.

There passed more than twenty years as described became reality in our today`s world.

Active lifestyle, need to follow everything and at once, to make as much as possible cases lead to the fact that once we do not have forces on the most necessary affairs. The main symptom of nervous exhaustion is the chronic fatigue, you constantly want to sleep, and any trifle is capable to discompose and make cry. So if in time not to take a respite, then it is possible to lose everything to what went with such work.

Prerequisites to it are at present tekhnologizirovanny generation, but that the most terrible, they from a school bench are given to the children who are there now. Statistics such is that about 90 percent of school students in big cities test overloads and nervous exhaustion which promote development in children of stomach ulcer, gastritis, asthma and lead to deterioration in sight.

And what to tell about adults who owing to the professional activity are forced to deal with a huge number of diverse information. They neglect sports activities if they have a family, then for it it is allocated small time is insignificant, days off for such person can not take place or pass on the presentation or conference on work at all.

Not to bring itself to a desperate situation, it is necessary in time to stop. To afford it is correct to have a rest, enter day of sluggishness: to forget for a while about everything. It is possible to address experts or to use folk remedies.

If to speak about the Russian traditions, then the preference is given to a travolecheniye here. Teas were drawn and tinctures prepared, did grindings and put to sore points.

In the east it is considered that it is necessary to influence such feelings of the person as sense of smell and touch at the same time. Therefore is a massage and an aromatherapy. Yoga - too a way to relax.

The French culture you suggest to celebrate with diseases of nerves by means of wines. There is the whole science how to be treated by means of wine. It is considered that for strengthening of nervous system it is desirable to drink every day at dinner one wine glass of wine, but it is no more. For treatment recommend to use those grades of red wines which contain as much as possible sugar.

The quietest way of relaxation is used by British, it is a dream. In a dream the organism relaxes and has a rest. Only at such treatment it is necessary to sleep not less than ten hours a day.

In Japan the great popularity was won by dolls for a beating. It is very good way to splash out negative energy.

In Finland and the Czech Republic it is considered that the sauna is capable to cure many diseases, and in particular that of nerves. During visit of a sauna of people has a rest both soul, and a body. Besides it is a convenient way also to be engaged in own appearance, and it always lightens mood.

Modern astrologers suggest to carry on a neck a pendent from the stone corresponding to your zodiac sign.

So good luck also do not start nerves, to cure them much more difficult.