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Who you are: lefthander, right-handed person or...?

would Seem, it is easy to answer this question. I write with the right hand - the right-handed person means, I write left - the lefthander. However not everything is so simple. There are, for example, people who for some reason write with the right hand, and draw left. Such person who?

Everything depends on our brain. It is known that our brain consists of two hemispheres. At the same time one of them is dominating.

The left and right hemispheres differ from each other. They are necessary to us for opposite actions. You judge. The left hemisphere is responsible for concrete thinking, mathematical calculations, conscious, the speech, reading and the letter, the motive sphere. Right - for abstract thinking, unconscious, figurative memory, a rhythm, perception of music and intonation, orientation in space, the sensual sphere. Therefore, knowing what hemisphere at us the main thing, we can correctly choose a profession or explain why something is impossible to us in this or that activity. The brain does not give, it appears.

To define what hemisphere leading, very simply. For this purpose it is necessary to define not only with what hand you write, but also what ear and an eye you use more often.

But at first let`s be defined whether it is necessary? Imagine such situation. Your leading ear and an eye right, and a workplace is located so that you sit these parts of a body towards a window. What you will be engaged more often in: work or watching in a window? Of course the last. Or still such situation. You need to prove something to the person. What ear he will hear you better? Of course, leader. And it is simple to learn it. Only be able to observe.

And now if you need it, we will start testing and definition of your leading hemisphere. We work in such sequence. At first we define the leading hand, then an ear and the last - an eye. On a leaflet we write down results. If in the test leaders you had right hand, an ear, an eye - put a letter P if left - L if right and left work equally we put And. As a result at you the combination from three letters has to turn out.

We define the leading hand. 1. Interlacing of fingers of hands. Quickly, without reflecting, we bind fingers of both hands. How many time we did it, from above there is a thumb of the same hand, as a rule, leading.

For purity of experiment we carry out one more test. 2. Carrying out vertical lines. We draw within one minute lines at distance of 1 - 1,5 cm from each other at first the right, and then left hand. The number of the lines run by the leading hand on average are 29% more than the number of the lines run by other hand. The leading hand draws lines quicker and more often.

We define the leading ear. 1. Listen as hours tick. To what ear you brought hours for the first time, that and leading. But observe whether equally you hear tick by different ears. 2. Pay attention to what ear you bring a tube when you speak by phone.

We define the leading eye. 1. Blinking. Blink one eye. Open is the leading eye. 2. Telescope. Examining in telescope (the sheet of paper put by a tubule) it is usually carried out by the leading eye.

So, now we can define what group you treat. Allocate five types: pure right-handed person, pravoruky, ambidexter, levoruky, pure lefthander. The ambidexter, as you already guessed, - the person with equally developed brain hemispheres. To it it is good.

If at you PPP combination - you the pure right-handed person turned out. If such options - PPA, PAL, FATHERS, PLA, PAA, PPL, PLP, PLL - you pravorukiya. At the ambidexter such combinations will turn out: AAA, nuclear submarine, APP, ALP, APA, AAL, AAP, ALA. If one of these combinations - ALL, LPP, LPA, LPL, PAWS, LLP - you levorukiya turned out. And the pure lefthander will have combinations of LAL, LAA, LLL, LLA.

If you are dissatisfied with the result - do not despair. The nature allowed the person to develop. And concerning the leading hemisphere there can be changes if very much to want. That the brain developed, it is necessary to work outside. There are many exercises for hands which help to develop equally both the left and right hemispheres. I most of all like occupations in which it is necessary to use both hands. So far them at me two: playing a piano and typing on the keyboard by a ten-manual method.

Everything is subject to the person. Especially change of. The main thing not to be lazy, and everything will turn out!