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Whether acupressure is necessary to short-sighted?

the Question which is taken out in heading more likely is addressed to those who else doubts that acupressure is useful not only for short-sighted, but also for predisposed to short-sightedness. Because every day the number of people who are affected by this illness grows. Especially children suffer. The child goes to the first class, and at once load of eyes sharply increases. If earlier first graders read, drew on an hour one and a half in day, then now till several hours will see off, having inclined over a desk.

Such loading, overfatigue in a combination to weak eye muscles at children quite often lead to the fact that already to the second, third class points are required for the child.

More often children at whose parents too a poor eyesight have short-sightedness. Not the visual impairment in itself is inherited, and weakness of tissue of eye which in the course of growth can stretch, breaking its functions.

With adverse heredity overfatigue of eyes is especially dangerous to the child. In 6 - 7 years it is desirable to visit the ophthalmologist regularly. To warn short-sightedness, to suspend its development in children and adults the special technique of acupressure helps. Massing certain points, it is possible to improve blood supply of an eye, to remove stress of eye muscles influencing visual acuity.

Self-massage can be carried out in a sitting position and lying. Before procedure by a tip of a forefinger grope the point (1) located on an internal surface of a forearm at distance of three fingers wrist folds are higher. It is necessary to mass on both hands serially.

Then you pass to massage of points on a back surface of a neck between muscles and an occipital bone (2). In general when pressing on points you have to feel morbidity, feeling of an ache or raspiraniye. In the points located near an eye it is not necessary to try to obtain strong pain. You should not risk it and at massage at children. By the way, our young citizens are easily trained in technology of massage...

Mass at the same time each point tips index or thumbs on the right and at the left within 2 - 3 minutes. The movement of a finger rotary or slightly vibrating. Pressure has to be moderated with easy increase and the subsequent easing.

Then serially start massage of the points located on a face: at distance 0,3 centimeters from an internal corner of an eye (3); at bottom edge of an orbit of an eye at the level of a pupil (4); at distance 0,5 centimeters from an external corner of an eye (5); at distance 0,5 centimeters from the external end of an eyebrow in deepening (6). Mass them also, only reduce time of influence to a minute.

Thus, on massage of all points at you will leave minutes 7 - 8. The adult can repeat its two - three times a day, to the child once suffices. The course can last 2 - 3 weeks. Then or days ten having rummaged week, and again conduct a massage course.

To the adult, if he feels that eyes very strongly were tired before doing massage, it is better to put for a couple of minutes to eyes the towel moistened with cold water. In this case for relaxation of eye muscles 2 - 3 times in a row are desirable to promassirovat all acupuncture points.

That`s all cunnings . For those who doubt, can open personal secret . Thanks to such massage I managed to increase sharpness of own sight about minus of two to minus units.