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How to keep rest in soul and the world in a family, buying by itself new clothes?

Many women are afraid to choose clothes independently and involve assistants. Those they do not perceive sellers and - correctly do. The greatest trust of the woman is tested to members of the family.

Of course, a family - the main thing in life, it is based on mutual understanding and mutual aid. Of course, the husband if it in general interests him, has to be aware of purchases of the wife. But it is wrong to do it by the accomplice and the adviser in a root. Joint shopping - a bad way of cementation of a family. The result can be the return. The man of any age treats women`s clothing more pragmatically than the girlfriend. He does not distinguish fashionable from unfashionable, but also it is impossible to call him indifferent. It not against if other ladies go almost naked (it will only please it). But his darling has to be dressed as the queen, i.e., very beautifully, richly, but without hint on availability. The darling wishes to be fashionably dressed, and the fashion does not happen monumental or Puritan.

When the woman the husband`s beret in a campaign, begins mutual insincerity. She palters, saying that it will follow its wishes. At the same time at it on mind absolutely another: dream - to shake by the new things familiar women, to cause in them delight and envy, well, and at the same time to attract attention an opposite sex. And men (from 5 - summer sons to 70 - summer husbands) in one or two hours of circulation on shops are tired to death or are wildly irritated. It is possible to wait from them for purchase approval, but it is necessary to remember what the man tells well it is to escape rather from a trap to which got.

And why to the woman to risk and prove to be disparagingly? I saw how distorted husbands with 20 - a summer experience when their blessed, leaving a fitting room in suits which did not paint them at all, shy questioned: It is pleasant to You? . The husband got used to see her houses, convenient and cozy. He considered up to this point that in 20 years it almost did not change. And suddenly in an unusual situation before it there is a started and shapeless aunt (I, of course, exaggerate, but also such 40 - there is a lot of summer ladies). And around, for comparison, there are a lot of young people and harmonous. It opens eyes, and, be sure, from this day he will look by the wife. There are her lunches, but to look by.

Daughters are not advisers too. In - the first, the daughter has dresses on mind. The less mother will spend today, the more will get to her. In - the second, the daughter associates herself with mother, and it is not pleasant to her that mother looks not young and dissonant. The daughter has a presentiment that she is waited by the same, and instinctively tries to improve a situation, rejecting the choice of mother and offering it what would dress. Usually at the end of their campaign mother completely realizes that she is elderly and lagged behind life, and the daughter - is offended on the whole world.

And, at last, the most terrible example: joint searches of new things for the hostess of the house. Are attracted: the husband - dengonosets, the daughter with the husband, the son with the bride, juvenile grandsons. Situation worsens if the crowd is adjoined by grandmothers - the mother-in-law or mother of the main customer with the elderly sister. Sellers about it speak: Forgot to capture with themselves only dogs and cats .

As there is a lot of opinions, each fitting turns into small war. Izgalyatsya especially the mother-in-law and the aunt. Adult children speak through clenched teeth. Younger - shout. The husband - in prostration. All attempts of the culprit to state the tastes are stopped amicable collective is not present . They go many hours, continuously arguing. As a result buy something arithmetic-mean that in anybody does not cause either delight, or sharp denial. The woman remains in loss. Not its thing is bought, and it will hardly carry it. Others have feeling that they sacrificed themselves for the sake of family values. And next time will try to avoid sacrifice.

So if you want to keep rest in soul and the world in a family, plan better and do purchase independently. If you do not trust sellers, ask opinion of other customers. Uninterested people with pleasure will respond, will objectively advise and will do without offensive comments of your appearance. Get own opinion, and safely defend it before a family. Surprise the family with the good taste and please yourself. And let always your purchases will be successful.