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What fire is necessary to the tourist?

All of us like to get out to the nature. Campaigns, especially if they multi-day, very well temper people as in physical, and morally, are excellent stresses, depression medicine and melancholy. Today we will talk about what fires are applied in tourist practice, proceeding from different marching situations and requirements.

Fishing or as it is called still, Hunting part in case you near at hand did not have a saw or the axe. And why to you on fishing the axe? Well and of course, if you not the Indian! As fuel one tumbled-down log of any length and diameter is chosen. On it shalashiky from two parties branches, boughs and brevnyshka lean more small. Fire should be made so that both the top and lower fragments of knots and branches at the same time burned. It burns slowly and gives a lot of heat, but it is necessary to watch it constantly, otherwise it will go out.

Star the fire received the name for appearance of the laid fuel. The fire is put in the form of the beams dispersing from the center of a campfire. Thick logs can be suitable for it - they give a lot of heat and burn long and when strongly burn, move them closer to the center. It is good for long maintenance of fire without podkladyvaniye of firewood. Such fire is irreplaceable at night, can be applied to heating, weak night-time lighting and to heating of food.

Night (second name Nodya ) - one of the best for heating, is also especially necessary in the early spring or late fall. Do it so: select two sukhostoyny logs, in them cut down trenches, on a trench of the lower log display hot coals, and on them, a trench from top to bottom, put the second log. Such fire burns slowly, equal and hot fire since from - for a lack of air of a log do not flash.

Well received the name from - for the principle of laying of fuel which externally resembles a well felling. It can be made and triangular, and it is possible four and more coal if not laziness in the wood to go in also for architecture with landscaping elements. Well perhaps, the most widespread type of a fire. It gives a big flame and many coals, it suits for cooking and heating.

Pyramid arrange if it is necessary that all fire of a fire was concentrated in one point. If you - not the Egyptian, then briefly we talk about construction of pyramids! For construction of model of a pyramid in the scale 1:63 (height of the Egyptian pyramid of Mikerin which is located in two hundred meters from pyramid of Cheops makes about 63 meters) you need to operet dry not thick branches on vertically standing log about a meter long so that the cone-shaped design turned out. Such fire burns very well. It gives a high flame and is very convenient for lighting at night or as an alarm fire.

A fire - Small stove do in break or if on the river bank neither bushes, nor trees grow, and it is difficult to gather fuel. For this purpose, however, you need something, than you will dig. You arrange fire chamber in break, and pipe over break. The small stove demands fuel a little, however on it it is possible not only to cook a fish soup, but also to smoke fish who is suspended in a flue. It can be laid out from pieces of the turf or from the stones fastened with clay.

Fire Polynesian it is invisible from a distance, gives many coals and ashes. For such fire the hole of 40 - 50 cm in depth rummages, and along its walls logs of firewood are closely placed: fire is made at the bottom of a hole. This type of a fire is very good for cooking during a rain, especially if over it to arrange a canopy. However to light a parking lot or it is good to warm the traveler such type of the fire which is not able.

Field fireplace . Such fire can be applied, mainly, to heating in cold weather. Large logs (5 - 7 pieces) lean against the inclined stakes in the form of a wall. Before a wall fire and as soon as it inflames is made, it is laid over from three parties large logs. The wall settles down so that wind blew directly on it.

Taiga - a fire of long action. Gives a big hot flame and many coals. Several logs are put on one thick log more thinly, at the same time they keep within only one ends and only alee. It is good for cooking in several posuda, dryings of clothes and for a lodging for the night of big group of tourists.

Tent . Firewood keeps within in the form of a tent therefore the big and equal flame turns out. The fire is good for cooking in one ware and for drying of clothes.

In all cases during stay outdoors try to minimize the harm done to environment. Well and, of course, you should not forget about elementary rules of fire safety.

Be heated on health, and good luck to you in campaigns!