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In what reason of poor progress of children? (the comment to Tatyana Shuvayeva`s article)

Somehow my teacher, very practical, wise and witty person, (there was no student who would not respect him) read to us from the book one amusing joke: At school of the first of September, first graders behind school desks, before them the teacher by a soft voice speaks - Hello dear children. You came to school from kindergarten. There with you walked, played, molded and drew. There you were learned to go and run - and suddenly as will shout - And HERE YOU will be TAUGHT to SIT AND be SILENT!!! :-)

The American scientists conducted research in which they for several years tested the intelligence quotient of a great number of pupils of comprehensive schools of the USA. And with surprise found out that at children, in process of their training in the standard program, it is considerable KI decreased. What is remarkable, such rates of decrease in KI at the people who finished the standard training was not noticed.

That is it is possible to make the assumption that small children, in effect, are more bright, than seniors. And yes over time, in process of training at usual school, they become less bright.

I think, actually, the reason not in children and their allegedly mental disorders, and in inability of teachers to recognize completely the responsibility for poor progress of pupils. Attempts to find the reasons of this problem in children is no other than a rearrangement on them the insolvency. And it is feature of not separately taken teachers, and all education system in general. Excuse for frankness, but it so, and it is very important.

Universal distribution among teachers of moods that allegedly inability of children to sit quietly at lessons and to attentively listen to the teacher is caused by their mental disorders, creates a fertile field for cultivation of the interests in the sphere of the general education psychiatric and pharmaceutical associations.

That is, so far teachers everywhere complain that children are their pupils - prevent them to lead lessons, misters psychiatrists invent the new children`s diagnosis, so-called, SDVG (a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity). Then together with pharmaceutical corporations develop the psychotropic drugs suppressing children`s activity and lobby the laws allowing them to appoint these preparations to children without coordination with parents and teachers, and also to force them to accept. Well - earn money! In more detail about it you look on the website: SDVG and educational frustration - cchr. ru/adhd. html

Misters teachers till what time we will complain about the wards for the inability to create the effective program of training that each pupil was keen on it? Perhaps it is worth reconsidering cardinally taken roots practice and system of training, not yielding desirable results?