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What is India?

and in our country actively began to use Not so long ago the term India . Value of this word, in general, is not new. Just until recently it was not known to most of the population of our country. It is remarkable that in the West already speak about degeneration of India - cultures, at us it only became fashionable.

Perhaps, someone else does not know what is India and what it is eaten with? Everything is simple, the term India connect with the word independent - independent . Independent cinema, literature, music - it is possible to call all this in a word - India. It is the whole system with the bands, the press, with the small labels. Though in our country all this in development, in process.

India unites a number of musical styles (India - fate, a post - fate, gothic styles - fate, Darc - folk, emo, experimental electronics, indastriel, alternative hip - hop etc.) . Practically on each mainstream direction there will be India - the answer. Supporters of this direction preach freedom of creativity, independence of producers and of large labels. The material aspect is not important for them, their idea can be expressed approximately so: art for the sake of art .

all this Sounds very and very attractively, but, in my opinion, it is a little utopian. On sheer enthusiasm far you will not leave. And musicians probably well understand it because their albums are published and on sale. In Russia of money big this business does not bring yet, but, it appears, that this temporary phenomenon. And cases when any India - the collective refused to break through on a big scene if offer, there is not a lot of. Such groups as of Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie and many others, having signed contracts with the known labels, instantly gained wide popularity. And consequently, in the West the concept India gradually turned into a certain brand on which now earn money too.

While creativity of a certain collective attracts to itself attention a little, it is quite easy for it to keep the independence that we also observe on the example of the Russian musicians. Play to yourself in the garage, create in the pleasure and to anybody do not report. But also in our country the independent musical movement confidently went to masses . In many respects it was promoted by the well-known " festival; Avant well and, of course, a world Wide web where musicians can spread the creations. So far in Russia to speak about promoting of India early, but it is quite possible to assume that development of the Russian India - culture will go according to the same scenario, as in the West. Once the same happened both to alternative, and to grunge. With growth of popularity of group also the number of offers from large corporations and the known labels, and increases music from independent turns in market .

Though all this does not mean degeneration of India at all - cultures. The initial sense is just lost, sides between India and a mainstream as opposed to which, actually, India and it was created are erased. If to speak about creativity, then it is frequent does not suffer at all because that gains recognition of public, even on the contrary. The main task of musicians - to keep the ideals, the philosophy. to us, simple listeners, it is necessary only to enjoy their musical creations.